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1.5% NPPD Dollar & Energy Saving Loans

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NPPD and NPPD Wholesale Customers are Eligible for 1.5% Interest Loans for Qualifying Heat Pumps

1.5% Dollar and Energy Saving Loans are available to customers in the Nebraska Public Power District's service areas who are Nebraska residents and will be making the qualifying improvements on property located in Nebraska.

Customers may apply for a 1.5% Dollar and Energy Saving Loa through Nebraska lenders for air source and groundwater, or ground coupled heat pumps.

This same form is to be used in submitting a borrower's application to NDEE for one of the 1.5% Dollar and Energy Saving Loans. The entire process for obtaining one of these loans is identical to the existing Dollar and Energy Saving Loans and all requirements relating to terms, fees, borrower maximums, emergency approvals and collection procedures will be the same.

The 1.5% Dollar and Energy Saving Loans are made possible through the Nebraska Public Power District's EnergyWiseTM Incentives & Rebates.

This program is infusing dollars into NDEE's loan program to provide the funds to purchase an additional 35% of a qualifying loan from the lender. This will allow NDEE to purchase 85% of the qualifying loan at zero interest while allowing lenders to still realize a 10% return on the remaining 15% of the loan they hold.

Therefore, 15% of the 1.5% Dollar and Energy Saving Loans made in conjunction with the Nebraska Public Power District's EnergyWiseTM Incentives & Rebates will be held by the lender and 85% by the Energy Office.

Customers choosing the 1.5% interest loan waive the right for receiving an EnergyWiseTM heat pump incentive from their utility.

Eligible NPPD Cities & Utilities

In addition to NPPD's retail customers (those who pay NPPD directly for their electricity) a number of cities and utilities are "wholesale" customers and those who receive their electricity from these sources are also eligible for the NPPD 1.5% heat pump loans.

Those "wholesale" cities and utilities are:

  • Arapahoe, City of
  • Auburn Board of Public Works
  • Bartley, Village of
  • Battle Creek, City of
  • Beatrice Board of Public Works
  • Bradshaw, Village of
  • Brainard, Village of
  • Burt County Public Power District
  • Butler Public Power District
  • Cambridge, City of
  • Campbell, Village of
  • Cedar-Knox Public Power District
  • Central City, City of
  • Chester, Village of
  • Clarks, Village of
  • Clarkson, City of
  • Cornhusker Public Power District
  • Cozad, City of
  • Cuming County Public Power District
  • Custer Public Power District
  • Davenport, Village of
  • David City, City of
  • Dawson Public Power District
  • Decatur, Village of
  • Deshler, City of
  • DeWitt, Village of
  • Dorchester, Village of
  • Edgar, City of
  • Elkhorn Rural Public Power District
  • Emerson, Village of
  • Fairmont, Village of
  • Filley, Village of
  • Franklin, City of
  • Friend, City of
  • Giltner, Village of
  • Gothenburg, City of
  • Hampton, Village of
  • Hebron, City of
  • Hemingford, Village of
  • Hickman, City of
  • Hildreth, Village of
  • Holdrege, City of
  • Howard Greeley Public Power District
  • Hubbell, Village of
  • KBR Rural Public Power District
  • Laurel, City of
  • Leigh, Village of
  • Lexington, City of
  • Lodgepole, Village of
  • Loup Power District
  • Loup Valleys Rural Public Power District
  • Lyons, City of
  • Madison, City of
  • McCook Public Power District
  • Minden, City of
  • Mullen, Village of
  • Nebraska Public Power District
  • Nelson, City of
  • Niobrara Valley Electric Membership Corp
  • Norris Public Power District
  • North Central Public Power District
  • North Platte, City of
  • Northeast Nebraska Public Power District
  • Obert, Village of
  • Ord, City of
  • Panama, Village of
  • Perennial Public Power District
  • Polk County Rural Public Power District
  • Polk, Village of
  • Prague, Village of
  • Randolph, City of
  • Sargent, City of
  • Schuyler, City of
  • Scribner, City of
  • Seward County Public Power District
  • Seward, City of
  • South Central Public Power District
  • South Sioux City, City of
  • Southern Power District
  • Southwest Public Power District
  • St. Paul, City of
  • Stanton County Public Power District
  • Stratton, Village of
  • Stromsburg, City of
  • Summerfield, Village of
  • Superior, City of
  • Sutton, City of
  • Twin Valleys Public Power District
  • Valentine, City of
  • Wahoo Board of Public Works
  • Wakefield, City of
  • Walthill, Village of
  • Wauneta, Village of
  • Wayne, City of
  • Wilber, City of
  • Wilcox, Village of
  • Wymore, City of