Nebraska Energy Office Merges With Department of Environmental Quality

Governor Pete Ricketts recently signed a bill to streamline and improve the operations of two state agencies. LB302 introduced by Senator Dan Hughes of Venango merges the Department of Environmental Quality and the Nebraska Energy Office into a single agency as of July 1, 2019. Continue...»

Energy Office and Department of Environmental Quality Continue Flood Assistance Programs

In light of the historic flooding and devastation our communities have experienced, the Nebraska Energy Office (NEO) is modifying usual operations to provide assistance to those impacted by floods. Visit the NEO Flood Assistance webpage for details. Continue...»

Watts New with Solar Panel Technology

Although solar energy has been commercially available for decades, the evolution of the solar market has grown faster and more expansive than some originally anticipated. With the price of solar rapidly declining over the last several years... Continue...»

How to Keep Your Upstairs Cool This Summer

If you’re looking for an inexpensive, environmentally friendly cooling method for your home, consider using window fans. Window fans can effectively cool your home in seasons when it is hot during the day and cool and dry at night... Continue...»

Nebraska to Become the Midwest's Leader in Building Efficiency

Building energy codes will save home and business owners in the U.S. an estimated $126 billion through 2040, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. The state of Nebraska is ready to update the state’s energy codes for residential and commercial buildings... Continue...»

Energy Statistics

Energy Supply and Demand Information

Continuously throughout the year, energy statistics data series are updated as new information becomes available. Some series are updated weekly, monthly, annually or... Take a look...»

Agriculture & Energy

Be Safe Around Electricity on the Farm and Ranch

Long hours and fatigue are a constant battle for farmers during planting season. If you farm, remember to take care of yourself by getting... More info...»

In the Classroom

A Toolkit for Teachers and Parents

A good way to teach kids about energy is with an introduction to the concept of energy. Students discuss specific types of energy and the practical use of our energy resources. Continue...»

Energy Tips

Keep Your Home Cool for Less Money

Question: Do you have any tips on how we can cool our home this summer without going broke? Learn more...»

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