Low Interest Loans and Free Weatherization...

Energy Office and Department of Environmental Quality Continue Flood Assistance Programs

There are numerous ongoing efforts involving the Nebraska Energy Office (NEO) and Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality (NDEQ) as flood recovery efforts continue.

New 0% Loans for Interim Drinking Water and Wastewater Projects

NDEQ is providing interim 0% loans to assist in rebuilding drinking water and wastewater facilities.

NDEQ assists communities in determining their best financial options. In the long term, the vast majority of the money distributed through the 0% Wastewater and Drinking Water Interim Loan Program will be recovered by the state’s State Revolving Loan Funds. For more information, call (402) 471-4200.

Dollar and Energy Saving Loans at 1%

The Nebraska Energy Office, in conjunction with Nebraska lending institutions, is providing Dollar and Energy Saving Loans at 1% interest (subject to lender approval).

The Energy Office has opened this ultra-low interest loan offering to all Nebraskans to make energy efficient home and farm improvements such as:

  • Heating, cooling, and water heater equipment replacement
  • Irrigation system, grain dryers and other farm efficiency improvements
  • Foundation walls repaired or replaced and insulated

More information can be found in the Loan Factsheet. The 1% loan offer will be effective until July 1, 2019 or as funds are available.

Free home weatherization services are available through the Energy Office Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program. Furnaces and/or air-conditioning systems may qualify for free replacement for low income individuals. The program pays for weatherization assistance up to $5,000.

Those interested in applying for free weatherization should contact their Local Regional Service Provider which is listed in the Low Income Weatherization Factsheet.

Well Testing Assistance

NDEQ partnered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services to offer free well testing in nine communities. Well owners provided samples of their water, which were tested for total coliform and E. coli.

A total of 786 samples were collected. Overall, 26% of these samples tested positive for coliform. Of that 26%, 33% also tested positive for E. coli.

Continued Oversight and Support in Multiple Areas

NDEQ continues to provide oversight and support in multiple areas:

  • Waste Debris Management — Staff have assisted in identifying and arranging for the removal of livestock carcasses, the identification, collection and disposal of orphan hazardous materials containers, and providing public guidance and outreach for debris removal.
  • Wastewater Treatment Facilities — Staff have worked with wastewater treatment facilities on timelines to resume normal operations. Most have returned to normal operation as of April 23, but ongoing work continues at three locations – City of Omaha Papillion Creek, Plattsmouth, and Nebraska City.
  • Public Water Supply Systems — Staff have provided technical assistance to Public Water Supplies compromised by flooding, and are coordinating with PWS owners/operators to develop timelines for restoring service. Most have returned to normal operation as of April 23, but currently five community PWS and 13 non-community PWS with primary sources are still off-line.
  • Livestock Facilities — Staff have worked with livestock facilities on timelines to resume normal operations as of April 23, only two locations continue to have ongoing repair work due to extensive structural damage.

If you have questions regarding these issues, contact the NDEQ hotline at 1-(877) 253-2603, or visit deq.ne.gov.

The Nebraska Energy Quarterly is funded, in part, by the U.S. Department of Energy through the State Energy Program