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Energy Office Staff Member Retiring

Dave MThis is a bittersweet edition of the Energy Quarterly. This is the last edition of the e-newsletter that will be provided by Dave Michael. After over 34 years of outstanding service to the Nebraska Energy Office, Dave is retiring.

Dave’s attention to detail and quality painted a professional image of the Energy Office. Dave’s understanding and knowledge of Energy Office programs have been articulated to the public through the Energy Quarterly and many other Energy Office publications. Dave published the first Energy Quarterly Newsletter in Summer 1988 and since then created the e-Newsletter as well as the Energy Office website. Dave has filled a variety of roles with the Energy Office, and many of those were outside his “official” job description. In spite of the varied demands, Dave always excelled and provided excellent products.

Jim Macy, currently Interim Director of the Energy Office, reflected on working with Dave, “It’s been just a few months since I have been involved in the Energy Office and during that time I have been so impressed with Dave’s efforts — I’ve learned he can be relied on for just about anything we are faced with.”

Dave's recently been working with Environmental Quality on re-branding products for the newly merged Departments of Environmental Quality and Energy. Macy was quoted as saying, "His willingness to work with the team makes Dave a stand-out". His last official day with the Energy Office is June 3.

While Dave will be gone, the Energy Office — soon to be the Department of Environment and Energy — will benefit from Dave’s years of service long into the future.

After retiring, Dave looks forward to traveling and using his design talents in future personal projects.

Good Luck Dave and Thanks!

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