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Conversion/Equivalency Factors

"Q" Conversion/Equivalency Factors

Original Unit Multiplied
Equals Final Unit
quadrants, angle x 90 = degrees
quadrants, angle x 5,400 = minutes
quadrants, angle x 1.57 = radians
quadrants, angle x 324,000 = seconds
quarts, dry x 67.20 = cubic inches (in3)
quarts, liquid x 946.40 = cubic centimeters (cm3)
quarts, liquid x 0.03 = cubic feet (ft3 or cf)
quarts, liquid x 57.75 = cubic inches (in3)
quarts, liquid x 9.46E–04 = cubic meters (m3)
quarts, liquid x 1.24E–03 = cubic yards (yd3)
quarts, liquid x 0.25 = gallons (gal)
quarts, liquid x 0.94 = liters (L)

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a Exact conversion.

b Calculated by the Energy Information Administration.

c Estimated.

This table was last updated January 31, 2014.

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