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Conversion/Equivalency Factors

"E" Conversion/Equivalency Factors

Original Unit Multiplied
Equals Final Unit
ell x 114.30 = centimeters (cm)
ell x 45 = inches (in)
em (pica) x 0.42 = centimeters (cm)
em (pica) x 0.16 = inches (in)
ergs x 9.48E–11 = British thermal units (Btu)
ergs x 1 = dyne–centimeters
ergs x 7.37E–08 = foot–pounds
ergs x 2.39E–08 = gram–calories
ergs x 1.02E–03 = gram–centimeters
ergs x 3.73E–14 = horsepower–hours
ergs x 1.0E–07 = joules (J)
ergs x 2.39E–11 = kilogram–calories
ergs x 1.02E–08 = kilogram–meters
ergs x 2.78E–14 = kilowatthours (kWh)
ergs x 2.78E–11 = watthours (Wh)
ergs/second x 5.69E–06 = British thermal units/minute
ergs/second x 1 = dyne–centimeters/second
ergs/second x 4.43E–06 = foot–pounds/minute
ergs/second x 7.38E–08 = foot–pounds/second
ergs/second x 1.34E–10 = horsepower (hp)
ergs/second x 1.43E–09 = kilogram–calories/minute
ergs/second x 1.0E–10 = kilowatts

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a Exact conversion.

b Calculated by the Energy Information Administration.

c Estimated.

This table was last updated January 31, 2014.

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