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September 2019

Nebraska State Patrol to test use of E30, E15 in fleet vehicles

Republished with permission from Midwest Messenger, written by Terry Anderson, Midwest Messenger News Editor Emeritus

Just weeks after a bioenergy victory with the approval of year-round 15 percent ethanol (E15), Nebraska already is looking beyond.

Nebraska State Patrol logo EPA has issued a one-year waiver so the State of Nebraska can conduct research with E30 in 50 state vehicles used by state personnel and some Nebraska State Patrol cruisers.

"Twenty-five will run on E30 and 25 on E10 or E15, so we can compare," said Roger Berry, new administrator of the Nebraska Ethanol Board. "At the end of the year, engineers can compare emissions, engines and the differences between the two."

The E30 Demonstration Program began June 3 and will end June 3, 2020.

"There may be occasions when E30 isn't available," said Berry, who is experienced in the ethanol industry because of former positions with the Nebraska Corn Board and Nebraska Farm Bureau. "Drivers will keep track so the engineers know."

The cars arc metered so whenever they come in for service, the monitors will be read so engineers can observe throughout the year, Berry said.

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