Being Prepared for Energy Emergencies...

The Nebraska Energy Assurance Initiative

In October, 2018, the Nebraska Energy Office received approval from the U.S. Department of Energy's State Energy Program to launch a project on energy assurance planning at the local level. The Nebraska Energy Assurance Initiative (the Initiative) is a collaboration between the Nebraska Energy Office and the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency. Funding of $107,970 will be provided to conduct surveys and host education and training workshops for local officials from communities across Nebraska.

Planning Made Easy

Many of us may have read or heard of cyber attacks being launched against the U.S. electrical grid. A January, 2019, Wall Street Journal article stated, “U.S. intelligence officials have seen signs of a campaign to hack computers of American utilities and shut down the electric grid”. Recent unpredictable weather patterns increase the possibilities of an energy emergency. The Initiative's goal is to help communities be prepared for any type of energy emergency — from electric disruptions to fuel supply shortages.

Be Part of the Initiative

Sometime before June 30, 2019, the Energy Office and Nebraska Emergency Management Agency will conduct surveys of local officials throughout the state seeking information on energy assurance issues that need to be addressed in their communities. Workshops will be held in two Nebraska locations to provide training and education on the Initiative and its goals. Local officials will have an opportunity to meet others from surrounding communities and share information.

Participation in the Initiative is voluntary and will provide communities with the tools needed to help in an energy emergency. The workshop and materials are free. Attendees will be reimbursed for limited travel expenses, including hotel.

The information collected for the Initiative will help to:

  • Learn of energy assurance issues which have been experienced at the local level
  • Determine what local energy assurance planning issues should be included in the Nebraska Energy Assurance Plan
  • Determine the services that could be provided by the Nebraska Energy Office

The survey information will be evaluated and included in a Nebraska State Energy Assurance Plan. The Plan will be published in June of 2020, but the Initiative will be a on-going project. The Initiative is meant to be a starting point for preparedness and will be revised and updated as it moves in to the future.

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