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Energy Statistics Updates

One of the required duties of the Nebraska Energy Office is to "develop and maintain a program of collection, compilation, and analysis of energy statistics." Continuously throughout the year, energy data is updated as new information becomes available. Some series are updated weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually.

The data series listed are just a few that have been updated since June 30, 2018. These updates are useful in providing a perspective on energy trends.

The Nebraska Energy Office Annual Report was released February 15, 2018. The report contains information on how much energy Nebraska uses and how much we spend on energy compared to other midwest states and the U.S.

Annual Average Electricity Price Comparison by State (for all sectors): statshtml/204.htm

Nebraska Residential Propane Prices: statshtml/86.html

Henry Hub Natural Gas spot Prices: statshtml/124.htm

Nebraska Residential Heating Oil Prices: statshtml/87.html