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Nebraska Homebuilder Wins Energy Efficient Home Award


On March 1st Reding Homes of Papillion, Nebraska won the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) 2018 Cross Border Builder Challenge. The Cross Border Challenge is a friendly competition between American and Canadian Home Builders to determine just how energy efficient builders can build.

This project was a team effort involving the builder, the Homeowner/Designer and a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Rater. Although Reding is a well seasoned builder, this was his first HERS and ENERGY STAR® rated new home but he quickly adopted the additional air barrier and sealing techniques required.

A Collaborative Effort

The residence at 7605 Saddle Drive, Papillion, was funded through Construction and Final Mortgage loans underwritten by the Nebraska Energy Office Energy-Efficient New Home program. This program set many high-efficiency guidelines; but the Homeowner, Josh Thoma, researched and provided most of the insulation, window and HVAC specifications that far exceeded the minimum guidelines. The end result was a HERS 26 rating which is also the lowest Nebraska Energy Office loan HERS score to date per Bruce Hauschild, Energy Technical Advisor. See the home details here.

Building Features:

  • Style: 5,751 sq. ft. 4 BR / Custom 2 Story w/ Walkout Basement
  • Foundation Walls: R-20 ext. Foam Board
  • Above Grade Walls: 2x4 to 2x12 (based on structural specs) with R-20 ext. Foam Board; cavity insulation: 2" Closed Cell foam and Blown-In Fiberglass fill.
  • Ceiling Insulation: 2" Closed Cell foam (corner-to corner) and Blown Fiberglass to R60
  • Windows: U-Value: 0.17 ~ SHGC: 021 (typical)
  • Mechanical: ClimateMaster Trilogy geothermal HVAC w/ integrated Domestic Hot Water and ERV.
  • Annual Energy Costs: $1,791 (per HERS certificate) $1,875 (2018 Rates).