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U.S. Department of Energy Research Funds Available for Small Businesses

Congress established the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs in 1982 to support scientific excellence and technological innovation through the investment of Federal research funds in critical American priorities to build a strong national economy.

Federal agencies with large research and development budgets set aside a small fraction of their funding for competitions among small businesses only. Small businesses that win awards in these research and development programs keep the rights to any technology developed and are encouraged to commercialize the technology.

SBIR and STTR have three distinct phases:

  • Phase I explores the feasibility of innovative concepts with awards up to $225,000 and 12 months.
  • Phase II is the principal research and development effort, with awards up to $1,500,000 and 2 years.
  • Phase III offers opportunities to small businesses to continue their Phase I and II research and development work to pursue commercial applications of their research and development with non-SBIR/STTR funding.
    Under Phase III, Federal agencies may award non-competitive, follow-on grants or contracts for products or processes that meet the mission needs of those agencies, or for further research and development.

Phase I - Release 1

  • Solicitation opens August 14, 2017 - Letters of Intent due September 05, 2017 - Applications due October 16, 2017

Phase I - Release 2

  • Solicitation opens November 27, 2017 - Letter of Intent due December 18, 2017 - Application due February 06, 2018

Phase II - Release 1

  • Solicitation opens October 23, 2017 - Letters of Intent due November 13, 2017 - Application due December 12, 2017

Phase II - Release 2

  • Solicitation opens February 12, 2018 - Letters of Intent due March 14, 2018 - Application due April 03, 2018

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