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Nebraska's Celebration of National Bioenergy Day, October 18, 2017

Bioenergy Day unites organizations across the country that support bioenergy. On October 18th, 2017, Nebraska will celebrate the fifth annual Bioenergy Day at the Delta Hotels by Marriott, 1615 1st Avenue, South Sioux City. This year’s event will highlight Nebraska’s diverse biomass applications and its environmental and economic benefits to our communities.

What is Bioenergy?

Bioenergy is the use of any organic material, such as forest thinnings, residues, agricultural waste or urban wood waste, to generate heating, cooling and/or electricity. Many independent power producers across the United States produce electricity for the grid using bioenergy. Hospitals, college campuses, school districts and government buildings also use bioenergy for heat and electricity. Working farms and other businesses with organic waste products recycle their “leftovers” to power or heat their facilities.

BioEnergy DayIn addition to serving as a domestic energy source, bioenergy is responsible for sustaining tens of thousands of jobs, many of them in rural communities where they are most needed.

This year's event will consist of a full day of special speakers, including Nebraska Energy Office Director, David Bracht who will share invaluable insights about Nebraska's growing bioenergy industry, in particular, its diverse biomass resources while emphasizing the direct environmental and economic benefits to our communities.

Meet organization leaders and industry experts highlighting the importance of Public-Private Partnerships and how they impact our communities.

During the event, Green Star Energy Group will officially unveil its innovative and state-of-the-art woody biomass power plant and torrefied wood pellet facility before construction commences. This is Nebraska's first ever woody biomass power plant and America's first "hybrid" power plant utilizing torrefaction and gasification technologies while generating sustainable renewable power and producing torrefied wood pellets.

Also, the Western Area Power Administration (WAPA) will present its 2017 City Administrator Award to the City of South Sioux City in recognition of its exemplary renewable energy initiatives.