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Ways to Save Energy and Money at Home

Courtesy of Lincoln Electric System

Hot showers are great, but you can wait a long time for that hot water to reach your shower. You're not just wasting time, you're wasting energy. You can limit that loss by insulating your hot water pipes. Here is a video showing how to insulate your hot water pipes.

All you'll need is some pipe insulation from your local home improvement center. The pipe comes in different diameters. You can also find fittings, such as elbows and tees, that will make the job go quickly.

Next, find out where your hot water pipes are. At the water heater, you'll see two pipes.

The cold water pipe going in will typically have a valve on it. The warmer pipe is the hot water. This pipe can be quite hot, so be careful when you touch it.

If the hot water pipe is warm to the touch, you are losing energy to the environment, so you definitely want to insulate it. The insulation cuts easily, you can use a razor knife or a pair of scissors. Just cut it to length, split it and snap it right on.

Insulate at least the first three feet of hot water pipe. Beyond that, insulate whatever pipe you can reach. The fittings can help seal up areas where the pipe bends or joins with another pipe.

The key is to be as accurate as possible because any gaps will result in heat loss.

It's that easy to save time, water and energy. Take a little time to insulate your hot water pipes. It will help make your home more comfortable and efficient.