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Energy Literacy Videos — Highlighting the 7 Principles of Energy

Energy plays a major role in the everyday functions of our planet and all its life forms. From weather patterns and food chains, to human society's daily electricity and heating needs, energy is the driver of everything we know. This video series highlights the seven Energy Literacy Principles, which demonstrate energy's role across the natural and social sciences.

Want to learn about the Energy Literacy Principles and Concepts?

The Energy Literacy Initiative is excited about its new video series highlighting each of the 7 Essential Principles of Energy. The U.S. Department of Energy, the Center for Geoscience and Society at the American Geosciences Institute, and the National Center for Science Education, developed these videos to help educators bring key energy principles to the classroom. The videos are also available in Spanish.

Teachers — Are you interested in planning a lesson around these videos?
Get started with the Quick Start Guide for educators. View an accompanying student analysis guide and the teacher guide. There are also social studies guides for each of the seven principles at the bottom of the U.S. DOE Energy Literacy Video webpage.