Getting the Most from Your Energy Dollar...
Using Energy Wisely on the Farm and Ranch

There’s no avoiding this reality in farming: Direct energy accounts for 5 to 7 percent of farm expenditures; indirect energy accounts for 9 to 10 percent. Because small farms operate on profit margins well under 10 percent, efficiency measures that reduce energy costs can make a real impact.

Grain Drying Energy Efficiency Checklist and Tips

A grain drying system may be the most energy-intensive operation in your cropping system. For some crops, more energy is used to dry the crop than for producing. Any improvements that reduce energy needs make a major difference in total farm fuel needs. Reducing overdrying, recovering heat, or using natural air for drying will reduce energy costs. There is something that can be done to cut back on energy costs for every type of dryer.

Questions to Ask

Facts and Actions: Grain Drying

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