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Lincoln Electric System Offers Customers $3 Million in Program Incentives

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Lincoln Electric System's Sustainable Energy Program returns this year with $3 million in incentive funds available to customers to help make their homes or businesses more energy efficient.

The program is intended to help LES' customer-owners finance the upfront costs of becoming more energy efficient. LES hopes that by offering financial incentives, customers will upgrade to even more efficient equipment than they would have purchased on their own, said Marc Shkolnick, LES manager of energy services.

"The Sustainable Energy Program not only helps customers save energy and money, it also reduces the need to purchase more expensive power during the summer months and delays the need for new power generation. This is good for all customer-owners, regardless of whether they participate in the program," Shkolnick said.

Since the program's launch in 2009, LES customers have accessed $18.3 million in incentives, spent $87 million on energy-efficient equipment and/or services and saved an estimated $7 million on electric energy bills.

The program offers the following incentives:

  • High-Efficiency Heat Pump and Air Conditioner — Residential and commercial customers are eligible for incentive payments when replacing existing cooling systems or installing them in newly built homes and buildings.
  • Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency — Commercial and industrial customers can receive up to $100,000 in incentives per year for achieving peak-demand savings through one or more of the following energy-efficiency measures: air conditioner/heat pump replacement, variable frequency drives upgrade, compressed air systems analysis and upgrade, energy management systems installation, optimization or upgrade and systems commissioning.
  • Whole-House and Facility Sealing and Insulation — Customers in existing homes and facilities with no wall or minimal attic insulation can qualify for up to $1,000 to seal penetrations and upgrade insulation levels to current code standards.

To take advantage of the Sustainable Energy Program, customers should contact participating contractors who will immediately apply the program's incentives toward their purchase. For program details and the participating contractors, visit or contact your LES account executive.

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