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Labeling Initiative Promotes American Ethanol Brands

From the Oil Price Information Service

Nebraska and Iowa launched statewide initiatives last August to use American Ethanol brand labels to promote the use of ethanol blends at fuel pumps.

With the approval of E15 for 2001 and newer vehicles and the growing number of flex-fuel vehicles on the road today, it's important to help motorists easily locate these lower-cost, higher ethanol blends when they pull up to purchase fuel.

The campaign, which was launched in August, 2015, is supported by Govs. Pete Ricketts of Nebraska and Terry Branstad of Iowa.

The new brand label will provide a consistent consumer experience at pumps across the state and capitalize on the high profile that American Ethanol has enjoyed through a partnership with NASCAR.

The American Ethanol brand was developed by the National Corn Growers Association and Growth Energy. In 2011, NASCAR entered into a partnership with Sunoco and the American Ethanol brand to use 15% ethanol blends in its races.

Governor Ricketts emphasized the impact on air quality. "When it comes to air quality, American Ethanol-blended fuel burns cleaner," said Ricketts. "The new pump labels are a great way to inform consumers of the wealth of benefits American Ethanol-blended fuels provide. It is cost-effective, American-made, renewable and better for our environment."

Both states are offering retailers new, approved pump labels free of charge.

This is the most recognized brand in the industry and now one of the top ten brands in NASCAR. Each state has a different label or way they promote the use of ethanol blends at the pump. Nebraska and Iowa recognize there could be a better way to promote brand unity and ethanol, so they got together and thought it would make sense to use the American Ethanol brand to increase public awareness.

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