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October 2015
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The Nebraska Energy Quarterly is funded, in part, by the U.S. Department of Energy through the State Energy Program.
November 4th and 5th...
8th Annual Wind and Solar Conference to Be Held in November
This year's eighth annual Nebraska Wind and Solar Conference and Exhibition being held at the Omaha Hilton in Omaha, NE, November 4-5, will feature some exciting new speakers, and the return of a conference speaker favorite...

Rural Energy For America...
USDA Awards Energy Needs Funding to 15 Nebraska Recipients
Fifteen Nebraska applicants have been selected to receive $474,974 in grants from USDA Rural Development through the Rural Energy for America Program. Funds will be used to install renewable energy systems and make energy efficiency improvements that will promote energy conservation.

Renewable Fuels...
Nebraska to Receive Renewable Fuels Infrastructure Grant
Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack announced that Nebraska will receive grants through the Biofuel Infrastructure Partnership to add infrastructure needed to supply more renewable fuel to America's drivers.

Clean Energy Technology...
Funding Opportunities for Small Businesses and Solar Innovators
The US Department of Energy just announced its Small Business Vouchers Pilot program which aims to help small businesses bring next generation clean energy technologies to the market faster by giving them access to the expertise and specialized equipment...

A Retrospective Evaluation...
National Evaluation of the U.S. DOE Weatherization Assistance Program
DOE sponsored two major national evaluations of the Weatherization Assistance Program. These were multiyear, peer-reviewed, statistically robust efforts led by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Nebraska Ethanol...
Labeling Initiative Promotes American Ethanol Brands
Nebraska and Iowa launched statewide initiatives last August to use American Ethanol brand labels to promote the use of ethanol blends at fuel pumps.

Wind and the Environment...
Wind Industry Adopts Voluntary Protocol to Reduce Bat Impacts
The U.S. wind energy industry announced a new voluntary operating protocol that is expected to reduce impacts to bats from operating wind turbines by as much as 30%.

Professional Technical Assistance...
Certified Energy Managers Receive Recognition
You may not know it, but the Nebraska Energy Office has two Energy Managers certified by the Association of Energy Engineers .   The U.S. Department of Energy announced that the Association of Energy Engineers Certified Energy Manager is the first certification program...

What is R-value?...
R-values Important to Saving Energy
While you might expect "R-value" to be the level of appreciation a pirate has for buried treasure, with winter coming, you might want to consider your own "R-value." The "R" refers to the resistance of heat flow and, in particular, is associated with the insulation in your home.

October 7, 2015...
Nebraska Builder Wins U.S. Department of Energy Housing Innovation Award
The U.S. Department of Energy presented the 2015 Housing Innovation Awards to 24 industry leaders at the Energy and Environmental Building Alliance's Conference in Denver, Colorado. This distinguished recognition is being provided to 27 winning DOE Zero Energy Ready Homes...

Energy Statistics Updates Agriculture Energy In the Classroom Energy Tips
Nebraska Energy Prices, Consumption, Expenditures and More...
Latest Energy Information
One of the required duties of the Energy Office is to “develop and maintain a program of collection, compilation, and analysis of energy statistics.”   Continuously throughout the year, data series are updated as new information becomes available.
Getting the Most from Your Energy Dollar...
Using Energy Wisely on the Farm and Ranch

There’s no avoiding this reality in farming:  Energy is one of the more expensive components of raising crops and livestock. In 2006, direct energy expenditures in agriculture accounted for 5-7 percent of farm expenditures.
Bursts of Energy...
Making Energy Visible

Students will use a model to assist them in visualizing a sound wave. Sounds are longitudinal waves of compressed air moving outward from a vibrating sound. It is the back-and-forth motion of the source that creates the sound.
Tips for Saving Energy This Winter...
Do-it-Yourself Ways to Save Energy and Money at Home

Easy-to-use calculators, money-saving tips and an eLibrary provides consumers with easy-to-understand instructions and a host of resources to help save energy and dollars.
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