Getting the Most from Your Energy Dollar...
Using Energy Wisely on the Farm and Ranch

There’s no avoiding this reality in farming: Energy is one of the more expensive components of raising crops and livestock. In 2006, direct energy expenditures in agriculture accounted for 5-7 percent of farm expenditures. An earlier USDA study found that nearly half the cost of production was spent for energy.

Sustainability and Dairy Farm Energy Efficiency
As an industry, dairy producers spend roughly $1.4 billion annually on energy use — approximately $.15 per cwt. of milk produced. The Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy has resources that are designed to help you identify ways to increase your energy efficiency. Then visit the SaveEnergy Finder to locate energy audit funding opportunities in your area or call 1-800-732-1399 to speak with an energy expert.

Energy Efficiency in Field Crop Production
This presentation from is filled with information on Energy Efficiency in Field Crop Production. The presentation examines four major areas where analysis and management of energy inputs in field crop production can lead to energy savings. These include reducing fuel consumption in tractor and equipment use in field operations, considering energy invested in optimizing nutrient use and pest control, saving energy in irrigation and managing grain drying for energy conservation.
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