Getting the Most Out of Your Propane Costs...
Propane Conservation

Colder temperatures mean higher consumption of propane. An unusually cold winter means propane usage is even higher than normal. Typically as consumption goes up, the national propane supply can get quickly depleted causing propane prices to soar.

Nearly 7.8% of Nebraska homes rely on propane heat.

Here are tips to help you conserve your propane supply:

  • Bundle up and wear layers. Wearing multiple layers helps you retain natural body heat allowing you to reduce the temperature on your thermostat.
  • Turn back the heat in your home at night or when you are away. Programmable thermostats are available to aid in adjusting your homes temperatures to your family's needs. Do not turn your heating system off, as that may lead to frozen pipes.
  • Use safe alternatives to heat your home. Electric heaters can effectively heat rooms and are portable enough to be moved between room. If using alternative heating methods, please use all possible safety precautions.
  • Use insulated curtains to trap in heat. Using insulated curtains and keeping them drawn closed will keep warm air trapped inside your home.
  • Reduce the use of kitchen fans, bathroom fans, and other ventilating fans. Ventilation fans are used to pull air out of rooms, leaving one on too long will pull warm air out of your home causing more fuel to be used when heating your home.
  • Make sure windows and ductwork are properly sealed. If you feel an air leak, seal the window or duct with weather stripping or duct tape.
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