From the Environmental Protection Agency...
New Energy-Saving Tool for Homeowners

In December, U.S. EPA launched a new online energy efficiency tool to help homeowners.

The Energy Star Home Advisor serves as a virtual home energy audit that homeowners can complete on their own.

After users create a profile of a home and complete a checklist, the Home Advisor provides a customized, prioritized list of recommendations for home improvements that will increase energy efficiency and help homeowners save money.

As homeowners make improvements, they can update their profile to get new recommendations for future projects.

The recommendations the Home Advisor might make include adding insulation to an attic or replacing a heating, ventilation and air conditioning filter.

For homeowners who do not want to use the new online tool, EPA also has some general recommendations to help save on energy costs. The recommendations include ensuring that homes are sealed and insulated and that HVAC system air filters are checked every month. EPA also suggests homeowners use a programmable thermostat, LED lights and Energy Star-certified electronics.
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