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Dear Energy Wiz:
I heat my woodworking shop with a wood stove. Its become difficult for me to cut firewood, haul it and stack it. I don't think wood pellets would work in the stove. There are companies that make wood product blocks. These blocks about 1/2 cubic foot each in size, and they burn much like seasoned hardwood. But I can't find a source.

Dear Reader:
I took a quick trip on the Internet, and found three different brands of these blocks: Bio Blocks, Envi Blocks, and Eco Bricks. I called the folks at Eco Brick, located at 5778 SR 515 Millersburg, OH 44654, email:, phone: 330-893-3244. Their sales department mentioned that they ship to a company in Shelby, Iowa as well as a Menards distribution center. By the truckload, the price of the blocks was about $150 per ton and double that for the shipping. That makes the wood fairly expensive, comparable to $300 per cord. I have no idea what the retail price might be.

Even more interesting is that Eco Bricks are not the main product of the company, but a by-product of the company's furniture manufacturing business. Eco Bricks are made from sawdust that comes from planing and cutting the lumber they use for furniture.

I don't know how familiar you are with the Internet, but ask someone at the local library to help you. I found the several companies just by searching "Burning Wood Blocks."

I would also recommend that you contact local businesses that sell wood burning fireplaces, and ask them if they carry the wood blocks, or if they know where you can get them.

You might also check with the Nebraska Forest Service, at Nebraska Forestry Hall, PO Box 830815, Lincoln, NE 68583-0815, phone (402) 472-2944.

Please note that references to Bio Blocks, Envi Blocks, and Eco Bricks are by no means a recommendation, but are provided for information only.

The Energy Wiz

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