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Nebraska Degree Days from 1894

Now access to degree day data from January 1894 — and with comparable temperatures going back to 1880 — for every station in Nebraska is available.

The information is available at National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Climatological Data Publications which provides a searchable database of free monthly heating and cooling degree days as well as a wealth of ancillary information for all the stations in Nebraska from January 1894. In the data, you will also find that geographic reporting stations have dramatically changed over the decades. Some on those referenced in January 1894 included Arborville, Cooleyton, Agee and Kennedy.

For more recent data, the Energy Office has the degree days for every month from 1975 to the present for twelve cities in the state — from Pawnee City to Chadron — on its website at Heating and Cooling Degree Days in Nebraska: statshtml/68map.html

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