Part of a home renovation will include replacing three entry doors. The brand I have been researching is not listed in the NFRC website directory. Does this mean that the doors do not qualify for the energy loan? Or perhaps there is a different manufacturer name for them?

The doors you selected are made by another company.

While that company is listed on the NFRC website, when I check the doors they have listed on NFRC, I did not see any reference to the brand you selected. One of the requirements that we have for qualifying a window or door, is that the window or door must be listed on the NFRC website under the same brand and model that the window or door is sold under.

If the doors are actually NFRC tested, then one of the three options for submitting the doors will meet Loan Program requirements.

I would suggest that you check the doors to see if they have NFRC stickers. If they do, you should check the stickers to see if they show the required information. If the doors do not have NFRC stickers, then they are not NFRC tested.

In some cases, companies put information on their NFRC stickers, and/or on catalog data, that does not match the information on the NFRC website. A third option is obtaining the complete CPD number from the manufacturer, which can be used to qualify any NFRC rated window or door.

The contractor must list all of the items indicated on their bid document, indicating exactly what the contractor will be installing.

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