Students from a grade school class learn about biomass energy.
Bursts of Energy...
Biomass Energy Activity "Find the Food Chain"

The biomass educational activity called "Find the Food Chain"is written for kids in grades K through 3rd.

In this activity students will learn the interdependence of producers — sun and soil — and consumers — animals and humans — in a food chain. The class will talk about the sun and how plants grow. Prepare cards with a sun, plants, animals and humans. Place a card on each student's back where they can not see the card. Have the students ask each other questions to try to determine what they are. After they know what they are, they should arrange themselves in a food chain. Discuss your food chain. What would happen if one part of the chain disappeared?

Others activities include making a food chain mobile. Look at cultures that are mainly vegetarian. What effects does this have on health? What do different animals eat and where does that place them on the food chain?

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