The view of the west side of the Greeley County Courthouse.

Maceo Wright begins final touches on windows in the Greeley County Courtroom.
Photograph: The Greeley Citizen

Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grants...
Window/Door Project Brings Large Improvement to Greeley County Courthouse

Greeley County awarded $68,451.20 to replace County Courthouse Windows & Doors.
Total project cost $85,564.00.
Greenley County matched $17,112.80.

By: The Greeley Citizen
November 24, 2011

The Greeley Courthouse County window project is nearing completion.

The project involves the replacement of all of the windows in the 1913 constructed building, along with two doors. The majority of the money for the project was secured through an energy conservation grant via the State of Nebraska. The county provided a minority match.

High-energy efficient windows have replaced windows that have dated back to the original 1913 construction. The older windows were primarily on the first floor. The second and third story windows had been replaced in 1979-80.

Along with the replacement, it was found that many of the old enclosure frames, etc. did not have insulation and good sealing properties. That has all been upgraded in every window opening. It was found that much of the framework of several of the previous windows had deteriorated substantially, allowing for air and moisture to penetrate the building.

All the new windows that have the capability of being opened are pivotal type, allowing for the removal of the window for cleaning, etc. from inside the building. All the new opening windows have screens to allow access to fresh air.

The color for the windows and exterior trim and fill was chosen to attempt to restore the building to its original color coordination with the brick. A bronze color was selected.

The grant, paperwork, planning and construction have been coordinated by the Board of Commissioners, Jim Johnson, Maintenance, and Mindy Grossart, County Clerk.

Built Wright Construction of Scotia is performing the work at the site and Community Builders and Home Center in Greeley was the low bidder for the materials.

Information about other Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant projects is at the Energy Office website.

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Reprinted with permission from The Greeley Citizen

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