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Tax Credits Available for Energy Efficiency Improvements

The Energy Office has a number of different resources that excel in providing the latest in federal tax credits or incentives for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. Some resources do a better job in areas than others. Below are highlighted the areas of expertise for each of the sources listed.ENERGY STAR logo

Tax Credits for Home Improvements, New Homes, Home Builders and Commercial Buildings
  • For home improvements, windows and doors, insulation, HVAC, geothermal heat pumps and water heaters
  • Tax credits for new homes builders only
  • Deductions for commercial buildings
  • Credits for biomass stoves, solar energy systems, small wind energy systems and fuel cells

  • Tax Credits for Homes and Vehicles
    Source: Alliance to Save Energy
  • Hybrid and diesel vehicle tax credit
  • Credits for home energy-efficiency improvements and geothermal heat pumps
  • Solar energy and fuel cells tax credit

  • Tax Credits for Consumers and Businesses
    Source: The Tax Incentives Assistance Project
  • Passenger vehicles tax credits
  • Tax credits for home insulation, windows and sealing, home heating and cooling equipment
  • On-site renewable energy sources, fuel cells and microturbines

  • Tax Breaks for Businesses, Utilities and Governments
    Source: U.S. Department of Energy
    The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 Energy Tax Incentives:
  • Renewable energy incentives, transportation and domestic fuel security, energy conservation and efficiency
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