$11 Million Available...
Up to $750,000 Dollar and Energy Saving Loans at 2.5%

In August 2009, the Nebraska Energy Office began offering 2.5% loans for energy efficiency projects in Nebraska. Loans of up to $750,000 may be used for Nebraska commercial businesses, non-profits, institutions such as private schools and hospitals, manufacturers, and other industrial operations, Nebraska political subdivisions, public school districts and federal ENERGY STAR® program partners.

The low-intrest loans have generated many calls. "The first thing people should know is these loans cannot be used for new construction”, said Jack Osterman of Nebraska Energy Office. The goal is to make current commercial buildings and industries more energy efficient. A number of loans for projects have already been made.

Funds for these loans comes from $11 million of the $30.9 million received by the state under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. These Dollar and Energy Saving Loans are available through more than 400 Nebraska banks, savings institutions and credit union locations, across the state.Since 1990, the Energy Office has invested in more than 25,500 projects totaling $222.2 million.

More information is at 2.5% Dollar and Energy Saving Loans.Questions about these loans can be directed to Jack Osterman at 402-471-2817 or local lenders.

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