I was wondering if industrial technologies such as variable frequency drives qualify for and Dollar and Energy Saving Loan? We have a range of clients that should be retrofitting their equipment with this technology, however the capital equipment outlay is an obvious road block. Most of the projects we encounter would have a payback period of between 2 and 7 years.

Some of our projects qualify for the rebate incentives from NPPD as well, in these cases could the end user take the rebate and finance the balance of the equipment through the Dollar and Energy Saving Loan program or would they have to use one or the other program only?

I can think of two special cases I would like to ask about. The first would be farmers who are interested in switching from Diesel drive gear pumps for their center pivots to electric three phase drive. We can utilize equipment that can convert single phase power to three phase for the pivot system as well as reduce the cost to run the pivots, and have the pumping systems automatically run at the most efficient point using variable frequency drives. Would this situation potentially qualify?

The second case involves applications for variable frequency drives that are outside the scope of the NPPD rebate program, yet have a measurable and verifiable energy savings. Would your program work for these customers?

Variable frequency drives would be eligible for the low interest loan program, provided they have a simple payback of 10 years or less. We have also financed a number of irrigation projects that have switched from Diesel to Electric drives. Usually the irrigation projects are dependent on the producer selecting a favorable electric rate based on the utility’s control program, and in those cases we do require a copy of the contract between the producer and the utility.

It is important to remember that the customer cannot contract to do the work, or start the project, until after the project has been reviewed and approved by our office. This process is explained on one of the application forms, Steps to Obtain a Low Interest Loan Using an Energy Saving Improvement Analysis, which can be downloaded and printed from our web site.

The applicant will also need to complete Form 32, Energy Saving Improvement Analysis, and Form 33, Energy Billing History. The instructions for completing these forms are on the back of each form.

Hopefully, the instructions on the application forms listed above will explain the process of applying for a loan. However, if you have further questions after reviewing the forms, please feel free to write or call our office.

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