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2.5% Dollar and Energy Saving Loans for Wind, Solar and Fuel Cell Projects
wind and solar
Nebraskans may now apply for low interest loans to purchase new wind, solar and fuel cell equipment. Applications are being accepted for purchase and installation of complete fuel cell, wind, solar hot water or photovoltaic systems. Projects may include all equipment, labor and other installation costs. Loan limits, except for solar hot water systems, are $14,000 for the first kW on systems 10 kW and smaller, $21,000 for the first kW on systems larger than 10 kW, to include grid tie equipment, generating or collecting equipment, installation, and any utility charges, and $4,000 for each additional kW of generating capacity, prorated, up to a maximum of $75,000.

You are required to provide an estimate for each type of equipment, not a lump sum for all or a combination of equipment. You are only required to get one bid or quote, however, it is generally prudent to seek more than one estimate to help you in your purchasing decision.

The Specifics
Fuel cell applications must include a one page copy of the Fuel Cell Manufacturer’s literature which shows equipment technical data, to include at a minimum, the total input and output energies in either Btus or kWh.

If you plan to purchase a wind generator, you must provide a one page copy of the manufacturer’s literature which shows a graph or table of windspeed vs output. Loan limit kW is determined from the kW rating with a 28 mph wind speed, or max mph. If turbine is rated at a speed “y” other than 28 mph, then kW for loan limit = ( 28 mph / “y” Speed mph) raised to the power of three (cubed) times the “y” output rating. For a system rated at 5kW in a 30 mph wind, the 28 mph rating would be (28mph/30mph)3 x 5kW, or 4.1 kW.

Solar Hot Water applicants need to provide a copy of the SRCC OG-300 rating. The rating must be at least SF> 0.5. Hot water systems also must have a current Solar Rating and Certification Corporation (SRCC) OG-300 rating which can be viewed on the SRCC web site. SF = 1 – (EF/SEF), where EF is the energy factor of the water heater, and SEF is the rating shown on the SRCC web site .

Nebraskans applying for aphotovoltaic system must provide a one page copy of the manufacturer’s literature which shows the Peak Standard Test Conditions (STC) rating, and UL-1703 listing for modules or panels. kW is calculated from the Peak STC rating of the panel or module.

Loan applications must be accompanied by itemized bids which show the name of the manufacturer, complete model numbers, descriptions and pricing for all equipment being provided, labor, installation and utility charges. The bids must be itemized and must show separate totals for:

Loan Maximums are:
o Wind turbines: $75,000
o Solar water heating: $14,000
o Photovoltaic system: $75,000
o Fuel cells: $75,000

For more information contact the Nebraska Energy Office at (402) 471-2186, Email: energy@nebraska.gov or visit the web site at: loan/index.html .
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