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March 2008
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USDA seal Deadlines Are April 15 and June 15...
USDA Rural Development Renewable Energy Loans and Grants
Farmers, ranchers and rural small businesses have new opportunities to install energy efficiency upgrades and new renewable energy systems with grants and loans from USDA Rural Development. This year's Section 9006 Renewable Energy Systems and Energy Efficiency Improvements Program rules are similar to last year's, with a few changes. Congress boosted total 2008 funding for this program from $23 million to $36 million in recognition of demand for...

efficient bulb An End to the Edison Light Bulb...
More Energy Efficient Light Bulbs Are Coming
Did the energy bill passed by Congress and signed by the President in December 2007 declare the incandescent light bulb dead? Maybe yes, maybe no. Beginning in 2012, stores will no longer be able to sell cheap, but inefficient incandescent light bulbs that are found in nearly every home. But, the changeover will be gradual.
Incandescent bulbs have been around for 100 years, but are able to convert only 5 percent of the energy consumed to light. The other 95 percent is lost...
The Wind Energy Guide for County Commissioners
is designed to provide county commissioners, planners and other local county government officials with a practical overview of information required to successfully implement commercial, utility-scale wind energy projects of 600 kilowatts or larger in their counties.
The Guide provides a concise, practical resource for local government officials that identifies steps to...

Small Wind Electric Systems, A Nebraska Consumer's Guide
The Consumers Guide is the most recent Energy Office publication which specifically addresses the benefits and challenges of owning and operating your own wind turbine. You will learn how to supply your home or business with electricity provided by the wind. Discover how to choose a wind generator, how to connect a wind generator to your electric system, living off the electric grid and more. The Guide includes...
From a Rural Perspective...
wind turbines Legal Issues in Farming the Wind
In June 2007, the Farmers’ Legal Action Group published the Farmers’ Guide to Wind Energy: Legal Issues in Farming the Wind. The Guide provides a legal perspective on such issues as:
  • Leasing land to a third party
  • Installing a small wind turbine for on-farm energy use
  • Developing a large farmer-owned wind project
The Guide is available at the Energy Office’s web site. Printed and bound copies of the Guide are...
mobile home crewTraining in Action...
Learning the Ins and Outs of Weatherizing Mobile Homes
In the fall of 2007, 55 individuals who provide hands-on weatherization services in Nebraska under the federally-funded Low-Income Weatherization Assistance Program participated in some very specialized training — how to seal and insulate mobile homes. Weatherization involves making homes more energy efficient. Weatherization of a home typically involves...

solar tractorGetting the Most from Your Energy Dollar...
Using Energy Wisely on the Farm and Ranch
Energy is one of the more expensive components of raising crops and livestock. In fact in 2005 in Nebraska, ag expenditures rose 10 percent above 2004 costs according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture due in part to rising costs for fuel and fertilizer – which is petroleum-based. An earlier USDA study found nearly half the cost of production was being spent for energy because of rising...

Dollar and Energy Saving LoansQuestions and Answers...
5% Dollar and Energy Saving Loans
Q: We live on small farm near the Colorado border in western Nebraska. Right across the border is a large wind farm. Are there programs or opportunities that allow individuals to test new designs for solar panel technologies?

I need to replace my roof, and am not sure what type of roofing material qualifies for a loan rebates?

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