Small Wind Electric Systems A Nebraska Consumer's Guide
Small Wind Electric Systems A Nebraska Consumer's Guide
The Consumers Guide is the most recent Energy Office publication which specifically addresses the benefits and challenges of owning and operating your own wind turbine. You will learn how to supply your home or business with electricity provided by the wind. Discover how to choose a wind generator, how to connect a wind generator to your electric system, living off the electric grid and more. The Guide includes a map of Nebraska's wind speeds showing average wind speeds in the area where you live. If you live in an area with good wind speeds, you may benefit by owning a wind generator. Grants and loans are available to help finance your small wind electric generator. Studies show that small wind electric systems can reduce your electricity bills by 50 to 90 percent. There may even be times when you generate enough electricity to sell your electricity to the electric company thus generating household income. A typical wind generator can pay for itself in six years — after that your electricity is provided free by the wind.

The Nebraska Consumer's Guide is available on the Energy Office's web site. You may request a printed copy of the booklet by calling the Nebraska Energy Office at 402-471-2186 or writing:
Nebraska Energy Office
Small Wind Electric Systems
P.O. Box 95085
Lincoln, NE 68509
or email the Nebraska Energy Office.

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