The Wind Energy Guide for County Commissioners

The Wind Energy Guide for County Commissioners is designed to provide county commissioners, planners and other local county government officials with a practical overview of information required to successfully implement commercial, utility-scale wind energy projects of 600 kilowatts or larger in their counties.

The Guide provides a concise, practical resource for local government officials that identifies steps to large-scale wind energy development. The guidebook is divided into 13 topics:
  1. Brief Wind Energy Overview County wind turbine
  2. Environmental Benefits
  3. Wind Energy Myths and Facts
  4. Economic Development Benefits
  5. Wind Economics
  6. The Development Process
  7. Public Outreach
  8. Siting Issues
  9. Property Tax Incentives
  10. Power System Impacts
  11. Permitting, Zoning, and Siting Processes
  12. Case Studies
  13. Further Information
Many county commissioners are also actively involved with siting small (10 kilowatts or less) and medium-size (10 to 250 kilowatts) wind projects. Resources for small and medium sized wind projects is available at the Wind Powering America web site.
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