Repairing the roof of a mobile home after insulation is blown in. Training in Action...
Learning the Ins and Outs of Weatherizing Mobile Homes

In the fall of 2007, 55 individuals who provide hands-on weatherization services in Nebraska under the federally-funded Low-Income Weatherization Assistance Program participated in some very specialized training — how to seal and insulate mobile homes.

Weatherization involves making homes more energy efficient. Weatherization of a home typically involves the installation of attic, wall and floor insulation and sealing holes and cracks with caulking, weather-stripping and other types of materials. In addition, all furnaces, cooking stoves and water heaters receive a safety inspection. Weatherization services do not include roof replacement, siding repairs or replacement windows.

Sealing duct workEnergy auditors, weatherization crew workers and private contractors gathered in York, Nebraska, to learn and experience first-hand the various methods used to insulate mobile homes. At the workshop, a number of weatherization improvements specific to mobile homes were covered:
• Duct sealing and repair
• Underbelly sealing and repair
• Installing insulation through the ceiling
• Installing ceiling insulation through the ends of the mobile home using a fill tube
• Installing ceiling insulation through the roof
• Installing underbelly or floor insulation through the underbelly
• Installing underbelly or floor insulation through the rim joists
• Installation of a ground-laid moisture barrier.

Since 1979, $104.56 million has been spent to make energy efficiency improvements in 59,897 homes in Nebraska. An estimated 51,000 homes remain eligible for weatherization services. About 200 mobile homes are weatherized each year.

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