Updates Plan for Handling Petroleum Shortages...
Energy Office Receives $10,000 Grant

The Nebraska Petroleum Set-Aside planning exercise will focus on improving response times and communications between officials.
In May 2007, the National Association of State Energy Officials awarded $10,000 to the Energy Office to update the state’s Energy Assurance Plan by refining its plan for handling petroleum shortages.

No Gas, No Diesel?
Nebraska is one of the few states that does not have an oil refinery within its borders and must rely on imported supplies from other states. Nebraska has not allocated petroleum products such as gasoline and diesel since the supply disruptions of the early 1980s. However, beginning in late summer of 2005, the state has experienced a number of petroleum supply disruptions resulting from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the integration of ultra-low sulfur diesel at the retail level in 2006, and a massive ice storm in 2007. A severe energy shortfall could occur at any time.

The transportation sector in Nebraska is almost totally dependent upon petroleum-based fuels. Agriculture relies on diesel fuel and gasoline throughout the year, but especially during spring planting and fall harvest. The state’s industries rely on more diverse types of petroleum products such as gasoline, asphalt, road oil, propane and diesel.

Plan vs. Reality
petroleum reserve control valve The grant will be used to review, assess and modify the current Nebraska Petroleum Set-Aside Plan. Then the plan will be tested in an exercise to evaluate how well the Nebraska Petroleum Set-Aside Plan functions. Those participating in the evaluation will include representatives from the energy industry, public utilities, and state and federal agencies. A specialist in exercise training from the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency will provide assistance with the activities.The Energy Office anticipates the revised set-aside plan will result in a quicker response time and interstate and intrastate communications between officials will be enhanced.

The National Association of State Energy Officials awarded $100,000 to seven states to assist in energy assurance planning and coordination. This is the second year the grants have been available.

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