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Missouri City to Use 100% Wind Power
A new 5 megawatt wind project planned for the city of Rock Port, Missouri will provide enough electricity to meet 100 percent of the city's electrical needs, according to a March 2007 issue of the Belleville News Democrat.

The Loess Hills Wind Farm will consist of four 1.25-MW turbines and will be directly connected to the city's electric distribution system. The Missouri Joint Municipal Electric Utility Commission, serving Rock Port and 55 other municipalities, has entered into a contract with developer Wind Capital Group for the wind project. John Deere Wind Energy is providing the wind turbines and financing for the project. Wind Capital Group is also building the 24-turbine Cow Branch Wind Farm east of Rock Port, and is building wind farms in two other Missouri counties.

wind turbine and aviationNew Rules...
New Wind Tower Aviation Lighting
Effective February 1, 2007, there are new Federal Aviation Agency guidelines for aviation lighting on wind energy projects.

A new chapter, Marking and Lighting Wind Turbine Farms, has been added to the guidelines. According to the guidelines, the recommendations for lighting wind farm structures provide "day and night conspicuity and assist pilots in identifying and avoiding these obstacles."

The new chapter on wind tower lighting is contained in the advisory circular, "Obstruction Marking and Lighting." (Note: 3.0 MB PDF)

wind-crane From the State’s Panhandle
Ways to Increase Use of Nebraska’s Wind Power
A study completed in late 2006, Stimulating Wind Energy In Nebraska’s Panhandle, is now available on the Energy Office’s web site.

The report, compiled by the Panhandle Area Development District in Gering, provides a detailed discussion of barriers facing wind energy development in Nebraska and suggests potential methods to stimulate energy production from wind resources. The report also includes a compilation of surveys and information gathered at public meetings as well as comments submitted by reviewers and others.
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