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June 2007
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Dollar and
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Dollar and Energy Saving Loan Program ChangesNew Standards...
Dollar and Energy Saving Loans Get an Update
I heard there were changes made in what could be financed with Dollar and Energy Saving loans — as well as other changes — after February 1, 2007. What were those changes?
Any of the appliances listed on Form 1 must be ENERGY STAR® certified to be eligible for a loan. Dehumidifiers and room heat pumps were added as energy efficiency improvements as well as certain commercial appliances such as steam cookers, fryers, hot food holding cabinets, refrigerators, freezers and...

gas canNational Averages...
Summertime Gasoline Price Outlook
In early April 2007, the federal government’s Energy Information Administration released its projections for summertime gasoline prices. Recent and continuing international tensions amplify the effects of already tight international petroleum markets as the summer season — from April through September begins.

Wind TurbineBlowing in the Wind...
State Wind Energy News
  • On Nebraska’s Border...
    Missouri City to Use 100% Wind Power
    A new 5 megawatt wind project planned for the city of Rock Port, Missouri will provide enough electricity to meet 100 percent of the city's electrical needs, according to a March 2007 issue of the Belleville News Democrat.
  • New Rules...
    New Wind Tower Aviation Lighting
    Effective February 1, 2007, there are new Federal Aviation Agency guidelines for aviation lighting on wind energy projects. A new chapter, Marking and Lighting Wind Turbine Farms...
  • From the State’s Panhandle...
    Ways to Increase Use of Nebraska’s Wind Power
    A study completed in late 2006, Stimulating Wind Energy In Nebraska’s Panhandle, is now available on the Energy Office’s web site. The report, compiled by the Panhandle Area Development District...

Nebraska Legislature ChambersA Range of Issues...
Energy Legislation In the Unicameral
Nearly two dozen energy-related bills are being considered this session by senators in the Nebraska Unicameral. A list of them appears below along with the number of the bill, a brief summary, the bill’s primary sponsors and the committee to which it was assigned.
Legislation being considered this year ranges from ethanol and biodiesel issues to electricity...

dollar and energy saving loansQuestions and Answers...
5% Dollar and Energy Saving Loans
Q: Can a hot tub be financed with a dollar and energy saving loan?
A: A replacement might qualify if an energy savings can be shown over the existing equipment. The borrower would need to complete Forms Forms 32 & 33, Energy Saving Improvement Analysis and Energy Billing History. The instructions for these forms would be Steps to Obtain a Low-Interest Loan...

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