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Energy Legislation In the Unicameral

Nearly two dozen energy-related bills are being considered this session by senators in the Nebraska Unicameral. A list of them appears below along with the number of the bill, a brief summary, the billís primary sponsors and the committee to which it was assigned. Legislation being considered this year ranges from ethanol and biodiesel issues to electricity issues including wind generation, net metering and establishment of a renewable energy portfolio.The Energy Office typically monitors legislation of interest while the legislation is being considered. The status of any bill, the complete text of a bill, any amendments being considered and other pertinent information can be obtained from the Unicameralís web site.

The Sower on top of Nebraska Capitol ENERGY-RELATED LEGISLATION
LB 9 Provides for an income tax credit for individuals and corporations equal to 25 percent of costs incurred for the installation of energy conservation measures or renewable energy generation. Energy Office would define what “demonstrably promotes energy conservation.” (Preister, Howard) Revenue
LB 41 Raises the motor fuel tax rate from 10.5 cents to 11.5 cents per gallon. Increases the excise tax on motor fuels from two cents to four cents per gallon. (Hudkins) Revenue
LB 165 Withdraws Nebraska from the Midwest Interstate Passenger Rail Compact. (Fischer) Transportation
LB 182 Changes grant provisions under the public transportation assistance program. (Kruse, Avery, Kopplin, McGill, Nantkes, Nelson, Pahls, Stuthman, Wightman) Transportation
LB 204 Requires all contractors working in Nebraska to register with the Nebraska Department of Labor. (Synowiecki, Lathrop, Nantkes) Business and Labor
LB 207 Authorizes the board of directors of a metropolitan utility district to designate another official title for the general manager. (Friend) Urban Affairs
LB 274 ** Creates a mechanism to educate users of liquefied petroleum gas regarding the requirement for a leak check following an interruption of service. (McDonald, Dubas, Hansen, Pedersen, Wallman) Judiciary
LB 343 * Provides for an income tax credit for investments in biodiesel facilities. (Langemeier) Revenue
LB 412 Adopts a renewable portfolio standard for retail, electricity suppliers equaling one percent in 2008 and increasing to ten percent by 2019. Provides for exchangeable, renewable energy credits. (McGill, Preister) Natural Resources
LB 444 Amends provisions relating to the renewable energy tax credit for electricity generated by new, zero-emission facilities. (Stuthman) Revenue
LB 507 Amends provisions relating to ethanol production incentive tax credits. (Burling) Revenue
LB 579 * Requires electric utilities to interconnect customer-owned facilities using renewable energy to generate electricity. (Louden, Carlson, Christensen, Hudkins, Kopplin, Wallman) Natural Resources
LB 581 Adopts the Energy Conservation and Self-Reliance Act. Requires electric utilities to offer net metering to customer-generators with renewable energy facilities. (Preister) Natural Resources
LB 626 Creates a production incentive for biodiesel fuel. (Dierks) Agriculture
LB 629 * Adopts the Rural Community-Based Energy Development Act. Creates new rural economic development opportunities through new wind energy projects. Requires electric utilities to consider such projects. (Dierks, Dubas, Erdman, Flood, Karpisek, McDonald, Preister, Wallman) Natural Resources
LB 636 * Exempts specified contracts with electric utilities from certain bidding requirements. (Louden, Carlson, Christensen, Dubas, Fischer, Hudkins, Kopplin, Wallman) Natural Resources
LB 648 Provides for a sales tax exemption for community-based wind energy projects. Changes provisions relating to the renewable energy tax credit for electricity generated by new, zero-omission facilities. (Preister, Dierks, Dubas, Karpisek, Wallman) Revenue
LB 652 Requires every agency, department and commission and every political subdivision of the State of Nebraska to conduct an audit of its energy usage. Authorizes such entities to seek technical assistance from the Energy Office. (White, Preister) Natural Resources
LB 672 Clarifies that a metropolitan utilities district cannot condemn a community-based energy project (new wind energy project) for the purpose of exercising the power of eminent domain. (Lathrop, Dierks, Dubas, Erdman, Karpisek, Preister, Wallman) Judiciary
LB 705 Raises the threshold of a “special generation application” for facilities that will generate electrical energy from renewable energy resources from 10,000 kilowatts to 25,000 kilowatts. (Dierks) Natural Resources
* = priority bill ** = Speaker major proposal
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