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Yahoo! Launches 'Green' Vehicle Web Site
Yahoo! launched a "green" vehicle web site that will allow visitors to the site to get unbiased data on hybrid and other eco-friendly vehicles. Visitors can browse through the vehicle listings by technology including hybrids, ethanol, diesel and biodiesel, natural gas, gasoline and all technologies.

The Yahoo! Autos Green Center will include data Yahoo Autos compiled with the organization Environmental Defense on vehicles' emissions, polluting exhaust and fuel economy. They will assign vehicles "green ratings" that will range from one to 100 based on criteria the two groups have designed.

The Skinny on Nebraska
The Energy Information Administration’s Nebraska page lists these “Quick Facts:”
  • Nebraska ranks second among the states in ethanol production, after Iowa.
  • Nebraska is one of the few states that allow the use of conventional gasoline statewide.
  • Most of Nebraska’s small oil and gas reserves are located in the western half of the state.

State Energy Profiles Get an Upgrade
In December 2006, the Energy Information Administration released State Energy Profiles, a new gateway to the agency's state energy data index page, plus individual state profiles that present key facts and statistics about state energy markets and industries.

Many of the statistics in the state profiles will be updated simultaneously with data updates on other parts of the Energy Information Administration web site.

Current features of the State Energy Profiles:
  • Energy maps display state energy infrastructure and renewable energy potential.
  • Quick Facts provide the most important state energy information.
  • Data tables provide the most current state-level statistics from Energy Information Administration surveys.
  • Associated links on the state pages take users to specific pages of detailed data and time series.
  • "More . . ." reference pages provide a comprehensive list of state-level information plus direct links to the information.
And coming in 2007:
  • Written overviews will explain how fossil fuels, renewables and alternative energy sources affect each state's energy markets.
  • Sidebar navigation will give users easy access to state data publications.
  • Expanded energy maps will provide clearer and more detailed views.
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