Tax Season Approaching...
Donít Forget About Tax Credits for Energy Saving Purchases

New Energy-Efficiency Home and Vehicle Tax Credits
tax creditConsumers who purchase fuel-efficient hybrid vehicles, make energy-efficient upgrades to their homes will be able to take advantage of valuable federal tax credits starting in 2006.
With April 15th approaching, donít overlook an array of tax credits for energy efficient home improvements made in 2006 or gas stingy vehicles purchased. There are a variety of resources that provide information on the various tax credits available.

One resource, the ENERGY STAR team at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, developed a series of fact sheets on tax credits in the Energy Policy Act of 2005:
Tax Incentive Coalition Launches Website to Help Consumers, Businesses Save with New Energy Efficiency Tax Credits tax incetives
A new Web site from the Tax Incentives Assistance Project aims to help individuals and businesses cut their tax bills and energy bills through energy efficiency.
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