Handbooks for Builders and Buyers on Improving New Home Efficiency, Comfort and Durability in Five Climate Regions

The series of Best Practices Handbooks help builders develop durable, comfortable homes that achieve 15 percent whole-house energy savings in five major United States climate regions is now available. The handbooks contain chapters for every member of the builder's team — from managers to site planners to designers, site supervisors, the trades as well as marketers.

There is also a chapter to help homeowners select the best systems for their new home. A section is also included on case studies specific to each climate region. In the climate zone that includes Nebraska, the three case studies are: EcoVillage, Eastern Dakota Housing Alliance and Veridian Homes.

The five handbooks give details on how the U.S. Department of Energy's Building America system design recommendations and process improvements can help all builders interested in re-engineering their home designs to achieve high performance. The series was produced by staff members at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Volumes 1-5 are available online for the following climate regions. Volume 3, Cold and Very Cold, is appropriate for Nebraska climate zones:

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