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Dear Wiz:

I have a few questions about solar energy and incentives:

Q: 1. Does the state of Nebraska offer any state tax credits for solar energy?

A: At present, Nebraska does not offer tax incentives for solar energy. However, there are federal tax incentives. The Tax Information Assistance Project summarizes incentives for solar energy projects.

Q: 2. Does the state offer a cash rebate per kilowatt of installed solar power like California where a credit of $3,200 per kilowatt of install poweris available?
A: At present, Nebraska does not offer rebates for installed solar power. Depending on the project, there may be federal tax credits available.

Q: 3. Do you know if the federal tax credit is refundable or not. For example, if you are receiving a tax refund of $1,000 and you have a federal tax credit of $2,000, would you receive a refund of $3,000?
A: This question would best be answered by a tax consultant.

Q: 4. Does the state of Nebraska have a Net metering law like California?
A: No.

Q: 5. Do you know what federal funding programs are available to install solar?
A: One source of project funding is for commercial and agricultural applications, through the United States Department of Agriculture, Rural Development.

Q: 6. What state funding is available for solar power?
A: Nebraska offers the Dollar and Energy Saving Loan program. Using these loans, a solar power project could be funded, provided it shows a 10 year simple payback (payback without interest). Dollar and Energy Saving Loan information is available at the Energy Office’s web site.

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