Farewell Old Energy-Gorging Friend...
Is it time to say “goodbye” to your old refrigerator?

The U.S. Department of Energy and ENERGYSTAR launched the Refrigerator Retirement Savings Calculator. This tool illustrates the amount of money consumers spend operating their current refrigerators, and how much they can save by replacing them with new ENERGYSTAR qualified models. According to the federal agencies, American homeowners have nearly 31 million refrigerators in use that were manufactured before 1993.

Find out if it’s time to “retire” your old energy-gorging fridge. Or just find out how much that second refrigerator in the garage is costing you.

Click on one of the refrigerators below to try out the calculator!

old refrigeratorsecond refrigerator
More Help from ENERGY STAR...
Home Remodeling and Energy Savings
ENERGY STAR Logo Many homeowners don't realize that when they improve or remodel their home, they can save money on energy bills, improve comfort and help protect the environment.

Each year, as homeowners spend more than a $100 billion on home improvement and home repair projects, many miss the opportunity to improve the energy efficiency of their homes and reap the rewards. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency wants to change this and has developed an interactive ENERGYSTAR website that provides practical advice and tools for homeowners undertaking home improvement projects.

Some of the remodeling tools include:
  • Home Energy Yardstick - Homeowners can find out how their energy use in their home compares to that of other U.S. households. If a home receives a score of five or less, it may be time to consider making some improvements.
  • The Home Energy Saver - This tool helps homeowners identify the best ways to save energy in their home, and find the resources to realize the savings. The Home Energy Saver quickly computes a home’s energy use and identifies savings opportunities. The results pages provide a list of recommendations, ranked by the time needed to recover the cost of the improvement.
  • Solutions to Common Home Problems - Problems like uncomfortably hot, cold or drafty rooms, high energy bills and the growth of mold and mildew are often the result of energy inefficiencies. This tool offers solutions that will not only help fix the problem, but also help save energy and money and increase comfort.
  • Remodeling Guide - From a kitchen overhaul to a bathroom quick-fix, ENERGYSTAR offers energy-saving solutions for many popular remodeling or renovation projects. Upon selecting the projects of interest, consumers are shown where to include energy-efficient features and products in home improvement plans.
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