State Leads Nation: 152 Grants...
Nebraska Receives $2.38 million in USDA Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Grants
Nebraska received $2,380,810 in grants that will assist 152 rural small businesses and agricultural producers in areas of renewable energy resource development and energy efficiency

electric irrigation pump
Electric irrigation pump
improvements of existing systems. Nationally, 375 grants totaling $17.5 million were awarded in 26 states in September 2006. Nationwide, Nebraska ranked first in number of energy applications funded and second in total energy dollars received.

Of the 152 grants awarded in Nebraska, 125 are for irrigation efficiency projects that reduce energy use. Some irrigation projects also include switching from higher priced fuels to cheaper electricity. The largest grant, $500,000, was awarded to Northeast Nebraska Biodiesel in Scribner, a 5 million gallon a year facility that is under construction. USDA logo Other energy efficiency grants included projects in a furniture store, a meat plant, grocery store, auto repair shop, print shop, funeral home, poultry operation and a nursery. According to the Energy Office, about 180 Nebraskans applied for grants.

In the previous three years, Nebraska applicants have received nearly $778,000 in 57 grants. Nationally, USDA has provided $87.3 million in grants and $34.3 million in loan guarantees to 844 applicants.

The 2002 Farm Bill authorized the Renewable Energy Systems and Energy Efficiency Improvements program. Recipients of the funding include agricultural producers or rural small businesses, U.S. citizens or legal residents that have demonstrated financial need. Rural Development grant funds can be used to pay up to 25 percent of the eligible project costs. Additionally, the program provides loan guarantees up to $10 million to fund up to 50 percent of eligible projects. More than $4.6 million in federal funds was allocated in loan guarantees and grants under the program earlier this year. Eligible projects include those that derive energy from a wind, solar, biomass, or geothermal source or hydrogen derived from biomass or water using wind, solar or geothermal energy sources. Awards are made on a competitive basis for the purchase of renewable energy systems and to make energy efficiency improvements.

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Nebraska Grant Recipients


  • Dickey, James & Wendy-Chadron-$3,750-Small business energy efficiency updates
  • Bohlender, Richard L.-Gordon-$4,220-Update irrigation from diesel to electric
  • Diers, William L.-Hay Springs-$3,251-Install diesel to electric irrigation updates
  • Johnson, James A.-Hay Springs-$3,378-Convert irrigation pivots from diesel to electric
  • Troester, P. Bruce-Marsland-$10,697-Irrigation efficiency improvements


  • Alex & Yvonne Schmunk Inc.-Bridgeport-$39,090-Upgrade lights, frozen food and produce cases
  • Twin City Pack Inc.-Gering-$12,432-Install energy efficient cooler condensers in meat packing plant
  • Pro-Health-Wray, Co.-$48,500- Install VFD control system for potato warehouse

North Central:

  • Bejot, Thomas-Ainsworth-$9,910-Convert diesel irrigation motor to electric
  • Bejot, Stephen-Ainsworth-$4,907-Replace diesel irrigation motor with electric
  • Blowers, Daniel-Arnold-$5,760-Convert from diesel to electric irrigation engines
  • Ramm, James J.-Atkinson-$4,285-Replace diesel irrigation motor with electric
  • Hitchcock Funeral Home, Inc.-Burwell-$1,770-Install polyurethane foam with acrylic coat on roof
  • Pongratz, Dave-O’Neill-$4,000-Replace diesel irrigation motor with electric motor
  • Shamrock Nursery, Inc.-O’Neill-$4,430-Install corn burning furnaces
  • Hruza Entertainment LLC-Ord-$6,520- Install heating and cooling unit, outside wall insulation
  • Matschullat, Douglas W.-Page-$6,839-Diesel to electric irrigation motor conversion
  • Kelly, Gilbert-Page-$3,250-Replace diesel irrigation motor with electric
  • Dowse, Marvin-Sargent-$2,960-Rebowl irrigation well
  • Nelsen Furniture, Inc.-Valentine-$8,861-Replace fuel furnace and air conditioning with air source heat pump

South Central:

  • Woollen, Carl-Axtell-$2,330-Convert to diesel irrigation engine
  • Kuck, Kallen-Bertrand-$10,750-Install bridges for irrigation ditch, electric power unit, pump and panel
  • Struckman, Thomas-Brule-$4,400-Convert diesel irrigation motor to electric
  • Huxoll, Kurtis-Cambridge-$7,790-Convert from gravity to tower irrigation pivots
  • DL&W Farms, Inc.-Cambridge-$7,830-Convert to electric irrigation motor, linear pivot system
  • Johnson, Von-Cambridge-$8,000-Replace gravity irrigation system with center pivot
  • Cramer, Dale-Cambridge-$10,720-Convert from gravity to center pivot irrigation, diesel to electric
  • Hock, Bradford-Culbertson-$6,730-Change irrigation from diesel power to electric
  • Mustion, Jerry-Culbertson-$16,820-Convert from gravity irrigation to center pivot
  • Swanson, Bryce-Eddyville-$2,750-New diesel irrigation engine
  • M&J Farms, Inc.-Elm Creek-$13,090-Convert electric irrigation motor, center pivot
  • Meier, Joel-Elm Creek-$19,750-Convert to center pivot, natural gas well to electric
  • McClintock, Duane-Elsie-$4,600-Convert diesel to electric irrigation well
  • Box L Land & Cattle Inc.-Elsie-$12,450-Convert diesel to electric irrigation engines
  • F. Allen & Dwight Schneider Farms-Funk-$7,530-Convert to center pivot, rebowl well
  • Wilkens, Lyle James-Gibbon-$38,590-Convert to irrigation pivots; diesel well to electric
  • Carlson, Lee-Gothenburg-$4,420-Replace diesel irrigation engine with electric
  • Olson, Donald-Gothenburg-$8,440-Convert diesel motor to electric irrigation motor
  • Peterson, Jerry-Gothenburg-$7,230-Convert diesel irrigation motors to electric
  • Peterson Supermarket, Inc.-Gothenburg-$19,260-Upgrade dairy, produce and meat cases
  • Alfs,Timothy-Gothenburg-$18,150-Convert from diesel to electric motors on irrigation wells
  • Double H Enterprises, LLC-Grand Island-$7,910-New efficient HVAC system
  • Malmkar Farms-Grant-$24,310-Convert diesel irrigation wells to electric
  • Turn-West Farms Inc.-Grant-$5,140-Install variable frequency drive controlling lead demand on electric irrigation motor
  • Schriner, Cecil-Hildreth-$13,380-Convert gravity irrigation to center pivot system
  • Knaus, Ronald-Hildreth-$12,330-Convert gravity irrigation system to center pivot
  • Gardner Land & Cattle, Co.-Holdrege-$8,800-Convert natural gas and diesel irrigation wells to electric
  • Lueking, Clyde-Holdrege-$25,790- Convert diesel irrigation wells to electric
  • Brian J Farms, Inc.-Holdrege-$46,920-Convert to electric irrigation wells, center pivot, rebuild pumps
  • Busy B Ranch, Inc.-Holdrege-$14,030-Convert to electric irrigation well, center pivot, rebowl well
  • Winz Wagon Wheel Ranch, Inc.-Holdrege-$21,500-Convert to sub-surface drip tape irrigation system
  • Johnson, Robert R.-Holdrege-$12,360-Convert natural gas irrigation wells to electric
  • Gray Farms General Partnership-Holdrege-$5,625-Refurbish irrigation pump, install natural gas engine
  • R&K Olson, Inc.-Holdrege-$3,370-Convert natural gas irrigation motor to electric
  • Black, David-Holdrege-$9,130-Convert irrigation wells from natural gas motors to electric
  • Enquist, Arlan-Holdrege-$25,990-Convert from gravity irrigation to center pivots
  • HY Farms Inc.-Holstein-$12,340-Pivot irrigation system installed
  • Randel Farms-Indianola-$38,270-Convert diesel irrigation motors to electric, rebowl existing wells
  • Conrad's Auto Center, Inc-Kearney-$4,720-Install new heating/cooling and radiant heat system
  • McKean, Jerry-Kearney-$14,070-Convert natural gas irrigation motors to electric
  • Runge, Daniel-Kearney-$15,730-Convert gravity irrigation system to pivot, natural gas motor to electric
  • Morris Printing Group, Inc-Kearney-$9,810-Install DDC control system for HVAC equipment
  • Stengel, Dale-Kearney-$4,500-Convert diesel irrigation motor to electric
  • Martens, Stephen-Madrid-$5,810-Replace diesel irrigation motor with electric
  • Cornelius, Dana-Madrid-$6,620-Convert diesel to electric irrigation well
  • Hagan, Ronald-Madrid-$3,980- Convert diesel to electric irrigation well
  • Palu Farms LTD-Madrid-$14,580-Install underground 3 phase line to electric irrigation, replace diesel motor with electric panel
  • Friehe, Ronald-McCook-$5,260-Convert to refurbished center pivot irrigation system
  • Snyder, Leland-McCook-$15,710-Convert gravity irrigation system to center pivot
  • G and A Farms-McCook-$12,500-Convert to center pivot irrigation, add underground electric wire
  • Albers, James-Minden-$2,250-Convert from propane to diesel irrigation engine
  • Madsen Family Limited Partnership-Minden-$30,530-Convert from gravity to center pivot irrigation
  • Petersen, Steven & Brian-Minden-$29,500-Convert to electric irrigation motors, electric drive center pivot system
  • Hansen, Harley-Moorefield-$12,500-Convert to pivot irrigation, diesel to electric motor, rebowl well
  • Smith, Kevin-Norman-$14,820-Convert electric irrigation and center pivot
  • Brosius, Mick-North Platte-$3,220-Convert from diesel to electric irrigation motor
  • Luther, Matthew-Overton-$4,440-Convert from propane to electric irrigation engines, recondition pumps
  • Heinrich, Paul-Paxton-$1,980-Convert diesel irrigation well to electric
  • Spurgin, Inc.-Paxton-$9,500-Replace diesel irrigation engines with electric motors
  • Olson, Brian-Pleasanton-$20,910-Convert gravity irrigation to center pivot, diesel motor to electric
  • Hadwiger Ag Production, Inc-Riverdale-$22,780-Convert to electric irrigation motors
  • Rohrich, Bradley-Riverdale-$5,710-Convert diesel irrigation motor to electric; install pivot sprinkler package
  • O & O Farms Inc-Riverdale-$7,150-Replace diesel irrigation motors with electric
  • Twin Loups Quality Meats-St.Paul-$3,620-Install new refrigeration system condenser and evaporators
  • Stehno Farms, Inc.-Stratton-$4,260-Replace diesel irrigation well motor with electric
  • HV Farms, Inc.-Trenton-$15,090-Convert to center pivot, propane irrigation engine to electric
  • Choquette, Bradley-Upland-$2,580-Convert natural gas irrigation well to electric
  • Fulk, Bruce-Wallace-$4,210-Convert diesel irrigation well to electric
  • Reiss Farms, Inc.-Wilcox-$39,970-Convert irrigation wells from natural gas to electric motors
  • Adam, Fredrich-Wilcox-$8,540-Refurbish irrigation well


  • Krause Family Farms, Inc.-Brunswick-$14,787-Replace diesel irrigation motors with electric
  • Smith, Dean-Brunswick-$3,440-Diesel to electric irrigation motor conversion
  • Nielsen, Timothy S.-Creighton-$13,476-Diesel to electric irrigation motor conversion
  • Carpenter, Scott Joel-Creighton-$7,150-Diesel to electric irrigation motor conversion
  • Fuchtman, Clifford-Creighton-$2,367-Replace diesel irrigation motor with electric
  • Schacht, Wayne L.-Orchard-$3,367-Diesel to electric irrigation motor conversion
  • Leifeld, James R.-Petersburg-$5,612-Improvements including insulated windows, doors, and ceiling
  • Brozek & Sons, Inc.-Plainview-$15,575-Replace diesel irrigation motors with electric motors
  • Mullins, James W.-Plainview-$5,445-Diesel irrigation motor efficiency improvement
  • Bergh, Garland-Plainview-$3,950-Replace diesel irrigation motor with electrical power unit
  • Demerath, Richard-Plainview-$17,345-Convert to electric irrigation motors, electric motor upgrades
  • Christiansen, Ronnie-Plainview-$3,265-Replace diesel irrigation motor with electric
  • Friedrich, Dave-Plainview-$6,812-Replace diesel motor with electric irrigation motor
  • Friedrich, Kent-Plainview-$4,725-Replace diesel motor with electric irrigation motor
  • Knuth, Claus-Royal-$11,195-Diesel to electric irrigation motor conversion
  • G.W. Farms, Inc.-Royal-$6,978-Diesel to electric irrigation motor conversion
  • RGR Farms-Royal-$31,479-Replace diesel irrigation motors with electric
  • Northeast NE Biodiesel, LLC-Scribner-$500,000-Biodiesel production
  • Hillside Dehy, Inc.-Uehling-$49,797-Biosolids wood fuel burning system to dehydrate alfalfa
  • Vakoc, Kenneth W.-Verdigre-$7,500-Convert from diesel to electric irrigation power


  • Ackerson Farms, Inc.-Aurora-$2,630-Irrigation improvements
  • Danhauer, Michael-Aurora-$20,810-Irrigation improvements
  • Rolla-Rena, Inc.-Beatrice-$12,000-Replace rooftop, heating and A/C units, add two heat pumps
  • Robert A Esau & Son's Inc.-Beatrice-$9,380-Install irrigation pivot and electric motor
  • Nicholas W. Huston dba Huston Furniture Mart-Beatrice-$5,730-Corn furnace
  • Beatrice Bakery Company-Beatrice-$9,330-Install heat pumps and energy efficient windows
  • Esau, Donald-Beatrice-$29,580-Irrigation improvements
  • Veterinary Nutritional Services, P.C-Beatrice-$6,500-Heating/cooling; install insulation, water heater
  • Tesina, John-Bee-$2,530-Solar pump
  • Folts Farms Inc.-Benedict-$10,870-Convert irrigation from diesel to electric power
  • McClure Farms-Blue Springs-$2,180-Update hog finishing building ventilation curtains
  • L & R Farms Inc.-Brock-$12,430-Irrigation improvements
  • Bergmeier Farms, Inc.-Clatonia-$16,310-Pivot replacement
  • Niemeyer, David-Cortland-$2,550-Irrigation
  • Lowery, David Wendell-Davenport-$12,300-Pivot irrigation project
  • Svoboda, Thomas J.-David City-$3,000-Convert fuel burning engine to electric irrigation motor
  • Blobaum, Thomas Alan-Daykin-$5,980-Install energy efficient pump components, convert diesel irrigation system to electric
  • Ebke, Steve and Deborah-Daykin-$1,900-Irrigation improvements
  • Koch, Thomas and Fredrick-DeWitt-$12,270-Install center pivot
  • Holtmeier, Charles-DeWitt-$7,620-Convert from gravity to pivot irrigation
  • Wollenburg, Ron-DeWitt-$14,440-Center pivot irrigation system
  • Runty, Edward-DeWitt-$15,510-Center pivot irrigation system
  • Rahe, Roger-DeWitt-$10,050-Convert from flood irrigation to pivot
  • Holtmeier, James-DeWitt-$12,730-Convert gravity irrigation to center pivot
  • Feaster Foods/Fairbury Operations-Fairbury-$71,020-Boiler replacement
  • Lipovsky, David J.-Fairfield-$15,820-Convert to low pressure irrigation pivot, low energy power unit
  • Kohmetscher, John-Fairfield-$4,490-Irrigation motor and add drop nozzles
  • Sailors and Sons Inc.-Falls City-$2,070-Heating Rosene
  • Machine Inc.-Firth-$5,280-High efficiency lights and heat pump HVAC
  • Troester Ag, Inc.-Hampton-$49,000-Convert fossil fuels to electric irrigation, gravity to low pressure sprinkler irrigation
  • Acton, Fredrick A.-Holmesville-$22,650-Replace irrigation equipment
  • Heidemann, Donald James- Jansen-$14,990-Low pressure pivot irrigation system
  • Danhauer, Todd-Marquette-$45,870-Irrigation project
  • Triple J &T Farms-Odell-$4,310-Replace irrigation power units
  • R+T Farms, Inc.-Phillips-$22,590-Convert from diesel to electric irrigation motors
  • James and Loretta Jan Goracke-Pickrell-$1,810-Convert propane irrigation system to electric
  • Gronewold, Ehme-Pickrell-$3,970-Install new irrigation diesel power unit, low pressure nozzles
  • Wendell and Alan Gronemeyer dba-Plymouth-$18,370-Irrigation improvements, pivot installation, convert from diesel to electric
  • Jody Rust Langer dba Total Elegance-Superior-$3,320-Improve insulation, windows, doors
  • Ideal Enterprises, Inc.-Superior-$45,950-Replace refrigeration and lighting
  • Rystrom, Michael-Stromsburg-$1,920-Irrigation improvements
  • Pickrel Inc.-York-$30,000-Irrigation pivot
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