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5% Dollar and
Energy Saving Loans

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The Nebraska Energy Quarterly features questions asked about 5% Dollar and Energy Saving Loans.
Loan forms may be obtained from participating lenders, the Nebraska Energy Office, or the agency's web site by clicking on the “Loan Forms” button above.
Q: I am seeking information on tax credits, grants or low-interest loans for a business moving into a very energy inefficient building. The business owner wants to insulate and upgrade the current heating and air conditioning system as part of a remodeling of the building. Any ideas on how these improvements can be financed?
A: If the building owner installs equipment and insulation that meet the Energy Office’s Dollar and Energy Saving Loan requirements, the improvements could be financed with a low-interest loan. Those improvements might also be eligible for tax credits. For a low interest loan, the business would apply at a participating lender. Information on loans and other types of projects that qualify is also available.

Certain types of building improvements are eligible for tax credits for businesses. For more information on this, please visit the Tax Incentives Assistance Project. You might also check with your tax consultant.

There may be grants available for this type of improvement in conjunction with a Main Street improvement project or local improvement effort which might qualify. Contact the Nebraska Department of Economic Development for any financial assistance that may be available through state or federal sources.
Q: Renewable energy is not listed as a loan criteria. Are loans available to finance the purchase of a solar or wind system?

Any project that shows sufficient payback might be eligible for a Dollar and Energy Saving Loan. However, with the state’s publicly owned utilities providing consumers with some of the lowest electricity prices in the country, wind and photovoltaic systems have a hard time being price competitive in Nebraska.

Several newsletter articles have been written on this on this subject:

A comparison of average electric prices by state is also listed at the Energy Office web site.
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