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May 2006
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taxformUpdated Information...
Energy Tax Credits for Homeowners and Businesses
In February 2006, the Internal Revenue Service issued Notice 2006-26 on the certification that homeowners need to claim credits for purchases that make their homes more efficient.
Targeting Industries...
Easy Ways to Save Energy
The U.S. Department of Energy launched Save Energy Now to help American businesses, factories, and manufacturing facilities save energy and continue to thrive during this time of diminished supplies and rising energy costs. Energy supply disruptions caused by hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and recent hikes in energy prices, are impacting everyone...
energy saving tillageGetting the Most from Your Energy Dollar...
Energy Use on Farms and Ranches
In February 2006, the U.S. Department of Agriculture released a web-based tool to help farmers and ranchers identify potential cost savings associated with nitrogen fertilizer applications. For each major crop and application method, the USDA's Energy Estimator for Nitrogen presents potential alternative practices and estimates cost savings.
Save Money While Staying Cool this Summer
No need for Americans to suffer in the heat this summer. The Environmental Protection Agency's ENERGY STAR program has new tools and tips for homeowners and businesses to keep money in their pockets, be comfortable and protect the environment. With the help of ENERGY STAR in 2005, Americans saved $12 billion in energy costs and prevented greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to those from 23 million vehicles.
It’s Affordable...
Building an Energy Efficient Home in Lincoln
Almost everyone agrees with energy efficiency in principle. When the simple payback is just a few years, investing in efficiency is advantageous because you permanently reduce your energy bills and can therefore enjoy many years of savings. These savings can be attractive to low- and moderate-income families because they typically pay more of their disposable income for energy bills...
Questions and Answers... Ben Franklin
5% Dollar and Energy Saving Loans
Q: I am seeking information on tax credits, grants or low-interest loans for a business moving into a very energy inefficient building..., Q: Renewable energy is not listed as a loan criteria. Are loans available to finance the purchase of a solar or wind system?
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