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Easy Ways to Save Energy

save energy nowThe U.S. Department of Energy launched Save Energy Now to help American businesses, factories, and manufacturing facilities save energy and continue to thrive during this time of diminished supplies and rising energy costs. Energy supply disruptions caused by hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and recent hikes in energy prices, are impacting everyone in the United States, including the nation's industries.

The Save Energy Now initiative will provide U.S. industry with technical assistance and information to save energy and money and increase productivity right now. The Save Energy Now Fact Sheet for more details.

DOE Offers Energy Savings Assessments
As a key element of Save Energy Now, the federal energy agency is sending federal energy experts to the nation's most energy-intensive manufacturing facilities to conduct 200 Energy Savings Assessments. The purpose of the assessments is to identify immediate opportunities to save energy and money, primarily by focusing on steam and process heating systems. These processes consume nearly 80 percent of the energy used by American industries. Fine-tuning these systems may cost little, but offers companies the potential to yield large savings. Quick successes with optimizing these systems can lead to significant long-term savings if the approach is spread throughout a company's plants.

A Trio in Nebraska
Among the first 200 companies to apply and be selected by the Department of Energy were three in Nebraska:

  • Nucor Steel in Norfolk
  • International Gamco in Omaha
  • Longview Fibre in Seward
Sign Up for Energy Savings Information and Updates
To learn more about this initiative and ways to save energy and money and increase their productivity, contact the Department of Energy and sign up to receive information and updates from Save Energy Now.
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