U.S. Department of Energy’s New Website Targets Industrial Energy Savings
In October 2005, the U.S. Department of Energy announced a new web site industrial plantthat provides American manufacturing plants a quick and easy way to sign up to join the Industrial Energy Saving Team that seeks to improve the energy efficiency of the most energy-intensive manufacturing facilities using comprehensive energy assessments.Using these free assessments, Energy Saving Teams work with individual companies to identify opportunities to save energy and money, primarily by focusing on steam and process heating systems. Interested companies can apply via the Industrial Energy Saving Team web site. The federal Department of Energy has also developed a series of free, informational brochures detailing “Fifteen Tips to Help Your Plant Save Energy” that are available at the web site or by phone at 877-337-3463.
A Roundup of New and Updated Web Sites
The world of the Internet is ever-changing. Here are a some new sites and others that have been upgraded:

Bioenergy Feedstock Information Network Web Site Is Redesigned
The U.S. Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory recently redesigned its Bioenergy Feedstock Information Network web site, dramatically increasing ease of access to feedstock related data and analysis, including reports, act sheets, databases and presentations in the following areas:

  • Agricultural residue
  • Forestry residue
  • Herbaceous crops
  • Municipal/Urban residues
  • Oil crops, and
  • Short-rotation woody crops

Among the new features at the web site:

  • New dual-menu structure
  • Unique search capability: The Supply System Search
  • Integrated Biomass Supply Analysis & Logistics (IBSAL) model
  • Interactive Supply System Search tool
  • Research and demonstration project information

The newly revised Biomass Feedstock web site is a useful resource for visitors — both experts and amateurs — looking to obtain information regarding biomass and feedstocks.

American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy’s Consumer Guide
The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy has created a condensed online version of its popular book, the Consumer Guide to Home Energy Savings. The online Consumer Guide details what homeowners and renters can do today and throughout the year to save energy and increase comfort in their homes. The Guide offers energy-saving tips and detailed information on heating and cooling systems, water heaters, windows, appliances, lighting and much more. One feature is a Checklist for Action to get you started.
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