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March 2006
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  • 10 Wind Energy Myths
    Is wind energy more expensive than conventional energy?
    Does wind energy need a production tax credit to be economically viable?
    Are wind turbines noisy?
    If wind power displaces power from coal-based power plants will rates go up?
    These and six other questions are answered in a...
  • Wind Energy Basics
    Did you know that by the end of 2005 installed wind power capacity could meet the electricity needs of 1.6 million households? That’s just one of the nuggets of data contained in an updated publication from a national wind energy group.
  • 36 Turbines in Ainsworth...
    State’s Largest Wind Farm Begins Production
    wind turbinesOn October 18, 2005, more than 450 people attended the dedicating Nebraska’s newest and largest wind facility in Ainsworth. Built by the Nebraska Public Power District, the facility will also generate electricity for other public power entities: the Omaha Public Power District, Municipal Energy Agency of Nebraska, Jacksonville Electric Authority of Jacksonville, Florida and Grand Island Utilities. Omaha Public Power District and Jacksonville Electric Authority will each utilize 10 megawatts of the 60-megawatt facility, the Municipal Energy Agency of...
    Nebraska Energy Code workshops
    A New Series...
    Nebraska Energy Code Workshops
    Register on line for any of the ten workshops beginning May 2.
    biofuelsWhat’s to Come?...
    Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Supply Outlook
    Even though Memorial Day is months away, there is concern regarding gasoline supplies as the summer driving season approaches. The summer driving season starts on Memorial Day weekend and ends Labor Day weekend.

    At the end of December 2005, the national gasoline inventory level was in the bottom of the normal range. However, Nebraska, which is in the Midwest Region, had inventory levels...
    biofuel pumpEvery Other Gallon Sold Has Ethanol...
    Ethanol-Blended Fuel Market Share Surges
    Over the last few years, the market share of ethanol-blended fuel has increased to nearly equal gasoline’s market share. From 2001 to 2004, ethanol-blended fuel’s market share rose from 29 percent to 45 percent. Ethanol-blended fuel’s market share for the year 2005 is expected to top gasoline...
    From the Environmental Protection Agency and Energy Star...
    Save with Winter Energy-Efficiency Tips
    In the face of higher energy bills this winter, the Environmental Protection Agency encourages everyone to be more energy efficient. The agency recommends five places to look and practical advice for home energy savings: sealing and insulating; heating efficiently; changing lights; powering down home electronics; and looking for the Energy Star on new products.
    Many Places to Apply All Across Nebraska...
    Weatherization Can Help Cut Your Energy Bills
    The onset of winter has sparked interest in making homes more energy efficient. Nebraskans can apply for the Low Income Weatherization Assistance Program which enables low-income families to reduce their energy bills by making their homes more energy efficient. Typical weatherization improvements made to homes include adding wall and attic insulation, caulking...
    field discGetting the Most from Your Energy Dollar...
    Energy Use on Farms and Ranches
    Energy is one of the more expensive components of raising crops and livestock. In fact, USDA economists noted that because of rising energy costs, nearly half the cost of production was being spent for energy.
    Ways to save fuel in field operations, motor efficiency or utilize renewable energy are featured in this issue.
    Questions and Answers... Ben Franklin
    5% Dollar and Energy Saving Loans
    Q: What steps are needed for the emissions certifying process for an ethanol vehicle conversion?, Q: Can vinyl siding be financed with an Energy Office loan?, Q: Does Nebraska offer any rebates for installing a heat pump?...
    Things Are Always Changing...
    A Roundup of New and Updated Web Sites
    The world of the Internet is ever-changing. Here you will find new sites and others that have been updated:
    Bioenergy Feedstock Information Network Web Site Is Redesigned, U.S. Department of Energy’s New Website Targets Industrial Energy Savings, American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy’s Consumer Guide...
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    State Energy Program
    The Nebraska Energy Quarterly is funded, in part, by the U.S. Department of Energy through the State Energy Program.
    Energy Wiz!Ask The Energy Wiz!
    Previously Asked Questions
    In this issue, the Wiz answers questions about R- values, air conditioners and converting an older vehicle to run on ethanol.

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