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December 2005
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What’s in it?...
The Energy Policy Act of 2005
On July 29, 2005, Congress passed the first comprehensive energy legislation in over a decade. While the bill will help address long-term challenges, there are many provisions that will help families save energy — and money too!
Consumers can receive a tax credit of up to 30% of the cost, or up to $2,000, for installing solar-powered hot-water systems...
biofuel pumpSaudi Arabia of Biorenewable Fuels...
Nebraska Positioned to be a Leader in Expanding Biofuels Industry
Opportunities for ethanol and other biofuels are expected to expand significantly in the coming years, and the Midwest is uniquely positioned to become the "Saudi Arabia of biorenewables," an expert said at a biofuels conference July 20, 2005.
Do Your Part to Help the Environment, Starting at Home
environment-leaf Did you know the energy you use in your home can be responsible for up to twice the greenhouse gas emissions as the car you drive?
That’s because most electricity is generated by burning fossil fuels, which releases greenhouse gases into our air. In Nebraska in 2001, coal and nuclear power plants generated...
Federal Energy Department Awards $432,000 to Energy Office
state energy program logo In July 2005, U.S. Department of Energy awarded $432,000 in State Energy Program funds to the Energy Office for use in 2005 and 2006. This grant is part of $44 million being distributed to the fifty states, the District of Columbia and five U.S. territories. State funds totaling $86,400 are required matching funds for the grant.
Record Natural Gas Prices Predicted...
Nebraskans Urged to Take Actions to Reduce Winter Heating Costs
gas flame With the chill of winter approaching, the Nebraska Energy Office is recommending several steps to lessen the impact of projected heating costs.
“Now is the time to take proactive steps to alleviate some of the strains of higher heating costs,” Gov. Dave Heineman said. “It is my hope that Nebraskans will take advantage of the available information, as well as public and private programs aimed at providing assistance.”
Iowa Discovers the Sun in Nebraska
Traveling the back roads on the Information Superhighway can lead to interesting discoveries. solar water pumpA recent foray into our eastern neighbor, Iowa, unearthed a hither-to-unknown study on the use of solar energy for water pumping in remote areas.
The Nebraska Photovoltaic System Case Study (Water Pumping Application) was one of four produced for the Iowa Energy Bureau that evaluated the reliability...
For Low-Income Families and Elderly...
Nebraska Receives $2.5 Million to Weatherize Homes
The U.S. Department of Energy awarded $2.504 million to the Nebraska Energy Office to improve the energy efficiency of the homes of low-income families. The Energy Office estimates that 558 homes will be weatherized in the state as a result of this grant.
fueling tractorGetting the Most from Your Energy Dollar...
Energy Use on Farms and Ranches
According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, as of 2005 energy costs account for up to 50 percent of operating expenses in growing major field crops. Several articles and factsheets on waste-to-energy and solar energy have been produced recently that provide helpful suggestions on ways to reduce energy use in irrigation, in buildings, in the field...
Features Worth Noting...
Looking for a New Water Heater?
There is a wide range of prices and features in water heaters. Simple 50-gallon electric water heaters range from $110 to $600. Heat pump water heaters will cost $700 to $1,500. Features that can affect cost and performance...
Rural Business-Cooperative Programs...
rural developmentEnergy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Grants For Nebraska Businesses, Farmers, Irrigators
USDA Rural Development anticipates funding approximately $22 million under the USDA 9006 energy program to be available for renewable and energy efficiency projects for Nebraska businesses and farmers.
Things Are Always Changing...
A Roundup of New and Updated Web Sites
The world of the Internet is ever-changing. Here you will find new sites and others that have been updated:
A New Source for Information on Ethanol, Intrigued by Hybrid Vehicle Technology?, Hundreds of Resources for Teachers and Students, Get to Know the Green Building Council, And the Energy Office Engineer Recommends, The Department of Energy Updates Consumer Web Site...
Questions and Answers... Loans
5% Dollar and Energy Saving Loans
Q: Can a corn burning stove be financed with a Dollar and Energy Saving Loan?, Q: Can a wind turbine be financed with a loan?, Q: Would a wood burning boiler qualify for a Dollar and Energy Saving Loan?...
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